TODAY newspaper | They change the director of Tacumbú after a riot that left seven dead

The Ministry of Justice ordered the departure of Domingo Antonio Amarilla from the position of director of the Tacumbú Penitentiary. In his replacement Rodolfo Bernadet was appointed. The change comes after the riot that occurred last week.

Through Resolution No. 149, the Ministry of Justice ordered this Tuesday the appointment of Rodolfo Bernadet, as the new director of the National Penitentiary of Tacumbú.

In the document, the work in Tacumbú of Domingo Antonio Amarilla is terminated, who will go on to fulfill other functions within the Ministry.

This change follows last week’s riot, which ended with the death of seven people deprived of liberty. The seizure was also carried out with the taking of hostages and the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, had to mediate.

The conflict would have started after the disposition to transfer the inmate Orlando Efrén Benítez, a well-known leader of the ATM robberies, to the Specialized Group.

Josefina Cabral, head of the Expanded Immunization Program of Alto Paraná commented that the doctors and nurses of the tenth department have already begun to be vaccinated. Today the day continues with 45 more beneficiaries.

As the person in charge of the program explained to Radio La Unión, « until this Monday we proceeded to inject about 35 people. »

« In principle, forty people were scheduled but due to various inconveniences we only applied the vaccines to 35, » he added.

Among those inconveniences appeared cases of people with covid-19 and pregnant women. On this last point, the gravid can not be applied.

Josefina stated that due to international recommendations, pregnant women cannot receive the doses, since up to now there are no precise data on the implications of the drug in the fetus.

This Tuesday the series of applications will continue with 45 other doctors. Alto Paraná received 300 doses of the Russian vaccine, which so far did not generate adverse reactions in any of the beneficiaries.

“Nobody expressed problems at the moment. That is why they are left for half an hour under observation by medical recommendation, « he said.

Officials of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice carried out the first social samples of the machines that will be used in October for the municipal elections.

These samples are carried out at the Asunción Bus Terminal station, where six machines are installed.

Three of them are located on the upper floor and the rest on the ground floor. By disposition of the TSJE, these instruments will be available to people from Monday to Sunday.

Rehearsals for its correct use can be done between 07:00 and 19:00 until Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 until noon.

The municipal elections will be on October 10, while the internal ones will be in June. The TSJE enables 16,000 machines that will be distributed throughout the country.

The Ministry of Public Health began administering the first doses of Russian vaccines to medical personnel. Today their names were uploaded to the state’s database.

The list includes 201 medical officials, including nurses, therapists and others who have already benefited from the first dose of the Russian drug.

This last Monday began the series of applications with the nurse of the National Hospital of Itauguá Mirian Arrúa, to whom the minister Julio Mazzoleni himself administered the injection.

It should be remembered that the next dose should be applied 21 days after receiving the first. The Ministry will make public the names of those who receive the vaccines on a weekly basis.

This publication does not include the authorization or not of the beneficiary, since in order to make the work transparent, the registration will automatically imply the appearance of the data on the Ministry’s website.

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