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Based on the short story “The Neighbor” by Paraguayan writer Martín Venialgo, the work is developed by the production companies 12 × 8 and Hold On Films, under the direction of Aníbal Ríos. The adaptation of the text to a film script format began a year ago, written by Julio Sardi, Pamela Paredes and Ríos himself.

Later the pre-production stage began with the composition of the soundtrack of the short film together with the same actors. Lou Mei Vysokolan and Rolfi Gómez act and compose the music with violin and piano respectively. Guadalupe Lobo and Nelson Viveros also make up the cast.

The plot focuses on “the details of the 5th floor. of the Panoramic Building of Asunción. The musicians will be spectators of the sounds that are produced in the next room where Anahí lives and frequently receives visits from Saúl, the father of her daughter. That afternoon fear takes hold of both departments, and the inevitable will have to happen ”.

The premise of the short is based on fear as a natural human emotion that can save us in certain situations, and at other times condemn us when violence appears as the only alternative.

The project seeks to make visible the violence behind closed doors, immersed in Paraguayan society, of which very little is said, but in silence its victims suffer them every day.

The production staff is made up of renowned audiovisual professionals such as Fátima Fernández Centurión in directing assistance and acting coach, Rodrigo Burgos in direct sound, Justo Caballero as director of photography, Adriana Ovelar in art direction, Lía González in costumes, Estefanía Ortíz in the head of production, and Pamela Paredes and Aníbal Ríos in the Executive Production.

“Emoción Violenta” is scheduled to premiere in 2022 in Asunción, later it points to a tour of the international festival circuit.

Aníbal Ríos has been an audiovisual artist since 1999, his area with the longest career being montage. He was co-director of the 2011 documentary « Amapo » and collaborated in innumerable audiovisual works of different formats from web content, TV programs, series, animated titles, short films and trailers of feature films such as Cándido López, 18 cigarettes and a half, Felipe Canasto, Stick Knife, Cloudy weather.

He also worked with different visual artists and their projects, such as with Luvier Casali and Roberto Vera, with installations in video art resulting winners of the Matisse Prize in visual arts.