TODAY newspaper | Strong military custody for vaccines: “Those who steal the doses will do so in a suit and using their privileges”

The vaccinations authorized for the start of the immunization campaign against the coronavirus are watched by heavily armed soldiers, as shown by the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni. Dr. Belén Ramírez Bourdages, a resident of California, questioned the « warlike » communication.

« Why this photo? With so much material to educate about vaccines, what is the need to show weapons « , questioned Doctor Belén Ramírez Bourdages in relation to the images shared by the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni on his Instagram account @juliomazzolenims where he shows the security device military deployed in front of the vaccination center of the Trinidad Hospital.

Two heavily armed military personnel are vigilant in front of the door of the vaccination center of the healthcare center where « everything is ready, » according to Mazzoleni for the vaccination against the coronavirus that starts tomorrow.

Ramírez said that if they ensure that there will be no VIP vaccination with privileged people skipping the lines, it is enough.

“It seems terrible to me. Because what we need and demand is transparency. I’m not worried about someone stealing vaccines that way. Those who steal will do so in suits and working at desks. Using your privileges. And in that we must be comptrollers, « he said to the professional who lives in California.

He recalled that recently working on a South American job on communication during the pandemic, he found that one of the biggest mistakes was using so much warlike message: « war on the outside. »

“As if the one who is going to steal is going to steal like this. In suits from their air-conditioned desks they will. We demand transparency, no show ”, he specified.

Tomorrow the vaccination campaign begins with the first 4,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine that arrived in the country last Thursday.

Immunization is directed, according to the vaccination plan in this first stage, to health professionals who provide services in the very first line of care to patients with COVID-19 both in therapy and in contingency wards.