TODAY newspaper | Spain focuses on 4 other variants of “growing” interest

According to Clarín, Florencio Aldrey Iglesias had to be vaccinated between 11 and 12. This was confirmed. Over the age of 80, the businessman from Mar del Plata had not left his hotel in which he was secluded during the entire pandemic and through which, in the old normality, a good part of power paraded. He could not even travel to Buenos Aires, in the middle of last year, to fire his wife, who could not overcome COVID.

Aldrey Iglesias -the weekend was made available to the dismissed minister-, one of the ten vaccinated on Thursday at the VIP vaccination center of the Ministry of Health after an operation revealed by Clarín and anticipated by Horacio Verbitsky, another of the beneficiaries, arrived by the entrance of Lima street. And he preferred to go up to the second floor by stairs, to limit the contagion margin of the elevator. Summoned by the private secretary of Ginés González García, traveling through Entre Ríos, twenty-four hours before the end of his career in public administration.

The entrance of Aldrey Iglesias, like four of his relatives, a couple of the minister’s friends, Verbitsky and legislators Eduardo Valdés and Jorge Taiana, was much less secret than that of the four specialists and managers of the Posadas Hospital who were summoned for the application of the ten doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.

They did not know, as this newspaper reconstructed, who they would inoculate. Yes, his entry into the ministry should be as secret as possible. « Top secret, » they trusted. They traveled from the Posadas in a private Toyota Hilux pickup, and not in the ones that usually move, identified by the hospital. They waited for them in the minister’s private garage. And they went up to the second floor by the elevator still reserved for González García at that time.

The ten privileged to be vaccinated were made to go, in batches, to an office. Waiting to go to another room, the VIP vaccination room, to be given the vaccine. As they specified, they did not cross each other. They gave them the notebook with the proof of the administration of the first dose, and they confirmed the date for the second.

According to information compiled by this newspaper, González García was not the only one who decided and disposed of. Lisandro Bonelli, his nephew in charge of the minister unit and co-founder together with the outgoing official of the company Carpor SA, also exercised that power. Like Marcelo Ariel Guille, alternate director of the aforementioned society, employed by the ministry, of the most intimate kidney. The name of Claudio D’Amico also transcends: as soon as he took office, González García requested his pass in commission from PAMI to the Ministry’s Equity Secretariat.

It was not, according to the sources consulted, the first and only operation. There was, they add, a delivery of doses that did not respond to any sanitary parameter.

When the first call with information on the logistics deployed in Health was received on Thursday, from an invaluable source that did not miss almost any detail, Verbitsky was not yet among the beneficiaries. From the checks, the Casa Rosada became aware of the report that was beginning to be directed. Verbitsky decided to tell it on the radio, on Friday morning. Neither the President nor the top of his government were as infuriated by the surprise confession as the rest of the vaccinated VIPs.

Until that moment, both Valdés and Taiana, who justified their preferential treatment due to the frustrated trip, were still part of the presidential delegation that left for Mexico at this time. Despite the fact that the Casa Rosada already had much of the information.

« I am sorry for the President, » Valdés told his friends, angry and frustrated, as they said in his surroundings, once Fernández decided to get him off the plane. Until Friday at noon, before the scandal broke, both Carmen Polledo and Jimena Latorre, the two deputies who would travel on behalf of the opposition, had not been notified to get vaccinated. Polledo is 68.

In privileged groups of the ruling party there is talk of similar operations in other areas. Not only in Health. From the participation of the Posadas Hospital. And of supposed benefits for relatives of the cabinet. There are front-line officials, some with even greater chances that the coronavirus will cause them a much more complex discomfort than a simple flu, angry because they have not yet been invited to be vaccinated. The privileges, it transcends, were not granted only with the blessing of González García and his collaborators from Health.