TODAY newspaper | Of the four thousand vaccines, 15% should go to HNI staff

The director of the National Hospital of Itauguá Yolanda González estimates that at least 600 doses should be administered to the personnel of the referred care center.

Specifically, there are 630 people registered by the Hospital’s management who should benefit from the vaccines that arrived in the country this Thursday.

That figure represents 15% of the total of medicines that arrived from Russia this Thursday to the country and that are destined to be dosed to white personnel.

Yolanda González told Radio La Unión that of that total, 165 are doctors, 230 are nurses, and orderlies, cleaning and support staff, and electronic equipment technicians are added to that list.

The vaccines will be administered starting this Monday. It is estimated that from March the second dose will be applied to comply with the procedure.

The bingo card seller scam case had a happy ending. Once again the citizens showed their empathy and solidarity, and the young man will have a new bicycle.

After the case of Abraham Monzón, the seller of gaming cards from Encarnación who saved for a year to buy a bicycle and was scammed by a man through Facebook, was made public, the solidarity of many people was aroused.

A person who preferred anonymity contacted our media in order to send the young man a new bicycle. « I already spoke with him and we are going to send him by order, » he said.

For his part, Abraham mentioned that he is happy with the expressions of support and solidarity. “My new bike will arrive tomorrow. The truth is that I am too happy for all the help I am receiving, many people contacted me. What happened to me made me very bad but now I’m very excited, ”the young man told TODAY.

It should be remembered that the man identified on social networks as Jorge Gabriel Peralta offered his bicycle on the social network Facebook for the value of G. 1,200,000. Once the young man made the money transfer for that amount, he blocked him from all social networks.

After what happened, Monzón filed the corresponding complaint with the authorities.

MITIC’s Vice Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Miguel Martin, presented his resignation from office this Friday. His departure comes days after President Mario Abdo Benítez has decided to remove Alejandro Peralta Vierci from the ownership of said institution.

Through his Twitter account, Miguel Martin made his resignation official from the position he held at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MITIC).

“Today I presented my resignation to Minister Juan Manuel Brunetti, whom I consider will bear the best responsibility for the country’s #Digital Transformation. I wish him success in his management ”, reads the original post.

Similarly, the now former vice minister said he was grateful to the team of the Vice Ministry of Technology that he was in charge of directing since the beginning of the current government, affirming that there are « professional and suitable people » there.

At the moment, the reasons for which Martin made the decision to leave the post in the aforementioned State portfolio are unknown.

This resignation comes just over a week after the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, announced the removal of Alejandro Peralta Vierci from MITIC to replace the former candidate for the mayor of Asunción, Juan Manuel Brunetti.

It should be remembered that Miguel Martin found himself involved in various controversies while he held the position of Vice Minister of Information and Communication Technologies. One of the most remembered has to do with the “Digital Agenda” project promoted by MITIC and which was to receive an amount of USD 130 million from the IDB, despite the many doubts and questions that arose about its planning. Also, the location of some « loyal » officials in key positions within the State portfolio stands out, with millionaire salaries.

Another case recalled is that of the so-called « gold talks », where Martin had favored teachers from the private university belonging to his family (UAA) with talks and training directly, without a prior tender, and at exorbitant prices that exceed the G. 5 million per hour.

The defense of the defendants for criminal association and the production of false invoices and air waybills for the importation of unauthorized reagents and medicines leads the courts to find Patricia Ferreira and Nidia Godoy guilty, in exchange for an abbreviated process.

The approach put forward by the defender Andrés Casati itself consists of the defendants admitting their guilt and offering compensation in supplies.

Ferreira and Godoy, members of the distribution firm Imedic, are undergoing a process for irregularities in the provision of instruments to the Ministry of Health, which rejected two deliveries for not complying with technical requirements.

What they offer is to donate 600,000 masks and 50 intensive care beds, with which they seek to escape the oral trial. The total of what they intend to donate would be around $ 200,000 in value.

Imedic imported medicines from China and India, without these having medical certification from the Ministry of Health.

The complaint was filed by the Brazilian firm Eurofarma, which alleges that Imedic falsified the documents and proved the origin of this company.

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