TODAY newspaper | Navy noncommissioned officer arrested for attempted femicide

Moments of terror lived a 22-year-old girl in the hands of her partner, identified as Cristhian Daspet, 28, a noncommissioned officer of the Navy War Fleet Command.

According to the story, the young woman was approached by the man on Sacramento street almost Avenida España yesterday at night. “He insisted a lot for her to agree to get in his car and after a lot, he convinces her. In the shooting he begins to verbally attack her and at one point during the discussion, he takes out a knife and squeezes her neck with a knife, telling her that he was going to kill her, ”said Blas Cabriza, the young woman’s lawyer.

He indicated that, out of fear and inertia, his client holds the knife, which produces a deep cut in his hand. “She manages to get out of the truck with a bleeding hand and starts running. Drivers who were passing through the place managed to save her ”, he commented.

Later, the witnesses approached the young woman to the 12th police station in Asunción in order to make the complaint because Daspet began to follow her. « The boy was completely beside himself, he followed him to the police station and insisted that he withdraw the complaint, » he said.

As the victim commented to our environment, both have been in a relationship for a year, and from the beginning, the man assaulted her verbally and psychologically.

Finally, the lawyer pointed out that they denounced the man for attempted femicide. He was detained in the aforementioned police station and was brought before the Public Ministry. Prosecutor María Segovia intervenes in the case.

“We presented the imputation for attempted femicide with a request for preventive detention, we have already placed in charge of the Criminal Court of Guarantees that will determine whether he will be sent to a penitentiary or will be confined in a military compound. In the custody of the detainee, the knife that he used to threaten the victim was seized, ”explained the representative of the Public Ministry.