TODAY newspaper | Ministry of Justice must report on the use of G.13,000 million

This Friday we will have the details of the images from the surveillance cameras of Olga Feliciángeli’s house and other homes in the neighborhood, which will give clues to the homicide. The results of the prints on the knife with which the woman was killed are also awaited. The victim’s cell phone disappeared.

Claudia Aguilera, prosecutor in the case, clarified that although no person can be ruled out as responsible for the death of Olga Feliciángeli, there are no indications of participation of the domestic worker, who was searched from head to toe and does not present traits of fight or struggle.

« The way it happened was something quite sad, he has several injuries in some parts of his body, all are sharp, he was fine at the time of the attack, » described the prosecutor Aguilera in communication with 730 AM.

This morning they will have details of the closed circuit of the house of Feliciángeli and two others that belong to residents of the area. In addition, the Criminalistics agents raised prints of the kitchen knife with which the crime was perpetrated. This will also be key.

At the moment there are no hypotheses about the perpetrators of the event, although the antecedent in 2018 is not ruled out, when Olga Feliciángeli rented a house to people who turned out to be drug traffickers and whom she evicted because they did not pay the rent.

According to the testimonies of relatives, Mrs. Olga slept very late and only got up around 2:00 p.m., which is why the employee did not enter the room before that time. However, after this time he entered and found the terrible scene.

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