TODAY newspaper | Lince group agent is arrested for attempted femicide

An agent of the Lince group was arrested this Thursday for threatening his partner with a firearm, who denounced him for mistreatment. The event occurred in Ciudad del Este.

The victim filed the complaint yesterday after noon at the 22nd police station in the Don Bosco neighborhood. She told the participants that she was attacked by her partner during a discussion she had with him in the morning and that she has suffered this type of abuse for six years.

After that, the woman left her workplace in the company of a friend on a motorcycle. On the way, she noticed that her partner was following her in a car, forced her to get in and threatened her with a firearm, telling her that she should withdraw the complaint against her.

Once at the police station, the affected woman warned the police officers what was happening and the death threat she received from her partner, who was waiting for her on the corner.

The man was finally captured and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry. The aggressor was identified as Eudes Fabián Arguello, an agent of the Lince group.

The prosecutor in charge, Emilce Ovelar told radio Ñanduti that the conduct of the official agent is part of the femicide attempt and that this morning he will appear to testify, after which the accusation would come.

“When she got off work he waited for her. When he got into the car, he pointed a revolver at him and took him about 6 blocks like that to withdraw the complaint. I have sent the request for a pertinent report to find out if there were already previous complaints, which would aggravate the situation of this person, ”the prosecutor pointed out.

Dr. Carolina Aquino, director of the Central Health Laboratory, confirmed that the person reinfected with Covid-19 had two different lineages of the virus, but clarified that it was not the British, South African or Brazilian strains, which are highly contagious but not more deadly.

Dr. Carolina Aquino, director of the Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Health, mentioned to the program Early, 970 AM and channel Gen, that the first case of reinfection by COVID-19, which corresponds to a man from Ñemby who had a first episode in July of last year and then in November, it is due to two different lineages of SARS-CoV-2.

« We received 15 cases, of which 8 were discarded here, and of those that we sent abroad, only one was confirmed, » he reported.

The expert mentioned that they also sent other samples to Brazil, between the months of April and June of last year, and that when studying the genome of the virus it can be affirmed that at that time there were four variants that circulate in Paraguay, but that they are the The same ones that are in the region, since the British, South African and Brazilian strains were not detected. « The evidence we have is that the variants are those that circulate in a common way, » he said.

Aquino announced that shortly the central laboratory will begin to sequence the virus, since Paraguay has the technical and equipment capacity, but the reagents need to be obtained. “As it is a new virus, reagents are required that must be imported. There are only administrative issues, so it takes time, « he added.

According to statements by Dr. Felipe González, director of INERAM, the health center has already registered cases of reinfected patients corresponding to 5 percent of the 350 positive cases for COVID-19 so far in the epidemic.

The 2019 Penitentiary Emergency law provided G.13,000 million guaraníes for the Ministry of Justice. Deputy Derlis Maidana will request a report on the execution and directing of these resources.

Minister Cecilia Pérez is doing a good job, but there are fundamental issues that must change in the prison system, at the discretion of the missionary deputy, Derlis Maidana, who will request a report on the use of the G.13,000 million for the Justice portfolio

“It is inadmissible that the lock of some pavilions handle the inmates; There, it seems to me that there is an important administrative failure, in the sense that the State cannot leave a liberated area anywhere, ”Maidana said.

Law 6365 declared all penitentiary establishments in the country, whether for men, women and educational centers for minors, dependent on the Ministry of Justice.

The immediate scope of the document is the expansion of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) for 2019 to empower the Ministry of Justice to build prisons with prison and maximum security regimes.

The request comes in response to the last riot in Tacumbú that left seven dead, including some beheaded and others with multiple stab wounds to the body.

This Friday will have the details of the images of the surveillance cameras of the house of Olga Feliciángeli and other homes in the neighborhood, which will give clues to the homicide. The results of the prints on the knife with which the woman was killed are also awaited. The victim’s cell phone disappeared.

Claudia Aguilera, prosecutor in the case, clarified that although no person can be ruled out as responsible for the death of Olga Feliciángeli, there are no indications of participation of the domestic worker, who was searched from head to toe and does not present any traits of fight or struggle.

« The way it happened was something quite sad, he has several injuries in some parts of his body, all are sharp, he was fine at the time of the attack, » described the prosecutor Aguilera in communication with 730 AM.

This morning they will have details of the closed circuit of Feliciángeli’s house and two others that belong to residents of the area. In addition, the Criminalistics agents raised prints of the kitchen knife with which the crime was perpetrated. This will also be key.

At the moment there are no hypotheses about the perpetrators of the act, although the antecedent in 2018 is not ruled out, when Olga Feliciángeli rented a house to people who turned out to be drug traffickers and who she evicted because they did not pay her rent.

According to testimonies from relatives, Mrs. Olga slept very late and got up only around 2:00 p.m., which is why the employee did not enter the room before that time. However, after this time he entered and found the terrible scene.

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