TODAY newspaper | Karina Doldán says that with the bible she learned to respect men: “I was just like that”

To promote a brand of herbs, the ex-model shared a reflection about one of the many things she learned with « the holy book. »

He asserted that a part of the bible asks wives to respect their husbands. « When I read that 10 years ago it was a slap to everything that I thought was correct, I have to admit I even got mad. »

He argued that a woman had to earn her place and the way to achieve this was by being irreverent with everyone, especially with men.

« I thought I was a bit haughty, because it was my » character « and if he loved me he had to put up with me like that, my opinions were the only thing that mattered (now I describe myself and it gives me a headache), all this was obviously the result of a lot pain in my heart, many disappointments, for what I believed I had to defend myself and period (I have to clarify that all this was unconscious) I was just like that ”.

According to Doldán, her relationship with God made her go through a “liberating healing process” to the point that she learned to admire her husband, but this was not always the case. « 

“But those were the moments where God intervened in him and in me, because you can imagine the Karina that I described with Sunday 9 years ago was an explosion, but definitely that was what brought us closer to God and today to us as a couple. ”.

He mentioned that Domingo is the person he trusts the most and that he does not pretend that many understand his love for him.

“Yes you can admire a man and it is wonderful that a woman lives that, a man who conquers and cares for her like no one else, it doesn’t matter if he is‘ churrísimo ’, he is intelligent, he has money, a good family etc. Any attribute today considered worthy of admiration #superTOP! If he is a wise man, he will have all the rest and the main thing (only for connoisseurs) look for the meaning of wisdom in the bible for those who did not understand ”.