TODAY newspaper | Health confirms first case of reinfection by COVID-19

This case corresponds to one of the 20 samples sent to the Fiocruz laboratory in Brazil. No other new lineage of the circulating virus was detected from these same samples, said Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, Minister of Health.

A case of reinfection by COVID-19, the first officially confirmed, corresponds to a man from Ñemby who had a first episode in July last year and then in a second sampling he tested positive four months later, in November.

This case corresponds to one of the 20 samples sent to the Fiocruz laboratory in Brazil, of which no other lineage of the virus was detected, that is, variants that could circulate in the country.

« In that period of time we did not find lineage from the Amazon, London and South Africa », confirmed Doctor Julio Mazzoleni, Minister of Health.

He stressed that the National Institute of Health is in preparation to carry out the sequencing of COVID-19 locally.

According to statements by Dr. Felipe González, director of INERAM, the health center has already registered cases of reinfected patients corresponding to 5 percent of the 350 positive cases for COVID-19 so far in the epidemic.

Relatives of the young Dahiana Espinoza, who has been missing since September 2020, demonstrated in front of the Public Ministry in order to demand speed in the result of the DNA test in order to know whether or not it was the blood of the young woman who was raised from the tenancy where he lived with his partner, Joel Guzmán Amarilla.

“Since September 21, the Criminalistics agents have already had the blood test, on the 21st it will be five months since my daughter is missing. And they told us that the DNA result for March will only come out, ”Don Juan Espinoza told radio Ñanduti, chained in front of the Prosecutor’s Office, a measure of force he used to demand speed in the result.

In turn, he mentioned that he had a telephone conversation with the State Attorney General, with Sandra Quiñónez, who promised to deliver the results as soon as possible. “We are what we demand. Surely the blood is hers, just between two they lived there and it cannot be someone else’s if it is my daughter who is missing ”, he lamented.

It should be remembered that the young Dahiana Espinoza has been missing since September last year and her partner, Joel Guzmán Amarilla, is the only suspect in her disappearance.

The latest raid was carried out on January 27 in a vacant yard located in the Hugua Ñaro area, Itá. Prior to this procedure, it was carried out in the tenancy where the couple resided. On that occasion, a neighbor mentioned that she heard that the toilet cistern was stretched more than 40 times throughout the early morning of September 18, the date that Dahiana disappeared.

In this sense, the Prosecutor’s Office handles the hypothesis that the young woman would have been dismembered by her partner, her soft parts were thrown through the channel that goes to the blind well and her bones into a vacant yard.

Professionals assigned to the service of respiratory therapies, contingency wards and those who take samples for COVID-19 will have access to the first doses of the Sputnik vaccine.

The 4,000 doses that will arrive in the country this afternoon will fully cover the number of health personnel who are providing services in COVID-19 respiratory therapies and this includes not only doctors and nurses but also support personnel such as those who They are in charge of diagnosing and taking samples since they also face a level of risk of contagion of the virus, said Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, Minister of Health at a press conference.

The personnel assigned to the contingency pavilions at the country level may also be covered.

The distribution of the doses of the Sputnik vaccine is related to the level of population density of each vaccination center and both Central and Capital are those that register the most people who will access immunization.

« Capital and Central will give more coverage to many hospitals and they are the ones that take more doses, then Alto Paraná, Itapúa and other departments will follow, » he said.

The arrival of a next batch depends on a manufacturer’s availability calendar, Mazzoleni indicated, while on the side of the doses that will arrive through the COVAX Mechanism, he stated that next week there will be concrete information on the number of doses and when they will arrive. to the country.

This Monday a new decree of sanitary measures will take effect. The protocol will maintain the time restriction on circulation, but will allow the sale of alcoholic beverages until midnight. It will also enable the return to face-to-face classes.

The current presidential decree runs until Sunday, February 21 and among other things establishes restrictions to circulate from 00:00 to 05:00, prohibition of sale of beverages from 22:00 to 5:00 with the exception of gastronomic premises, mandatory use of the mask, etc.

Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni announced at a press conference that the established measures will be practically the same and that there will only be two variations.

As of Monday, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be extended until 00:00 in all businesses: pantries, warehouses, service stations and will no longer be limited to gastronomic venues.

« We believe that at the time it has had a significant effect, » Mazzoleni said of the restriction with which many traders felt harmed, while others chose not to take it into account.

On the other hand, the return to face-to-face and blended classes will be enabled, as had already been announced since the beginning of the year. The protocols have already been socialized, but they will be reiterated in the respective institutions

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