TODAY newspaper | Foz de Yguazú decrees a curfew and requests a barrier at Friendship Bridge

EAST CITY. As of the date and for a period of 14 days, from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am the next day, the mayor of the city of Foz de Yguazú (Brazil), Francisco “Chico Brasileiro” Lacerda, decreed a curfew. The measure is due to the need to contain the contagion of covid, given the high number of new patients and the saturation of ICU beds in hospitals in the sister city of Ciudad del Este.

Source: DNA

In addition, Chico Brasileiro requested the Federal Government of Brazil to establish a « sanitary barrier » at the Brazilian head of the Friendship Bridge. Likewise, it would have asked that foreigners and non-residents who want to enter Foz be required to submit a negative PCR to Covid.

“That Foz do Yguazú has a sanitary barrier on the International Friendship Bridge, at the Brazilian customs. This barrier must require a negative certificate through RT-PCR carried out in the last 72 hours for foreigners and non-residents of Brazil. This measure depends on the approval of the federal government, ”the Brazilian mayor told the press.

Similarly, regarding the curfew, fines were determined for offenders. In the case of companies, R $ 9,000 and if they are residents of Foz the sum of R $ 916. Exceptions are stipulated for people who circulate on public roads in the period of time indicated.

“A Curfew is established in the Municipality of Foz do Yguazú, from 11 PM to 5 AM, as well as the application of sanctions for non-compliance with the closure, in this period, of commercial, gastronomic, service and religious collective activities , the movement of people being prohibited, except for justified causes of force majeure ”, says Article 1 of the resolution issued by Chico Brasileiro.

And, finally, Foz de Yguazú asks Brasilia for the immediate application of vaccines against the covid in the city.

“Special attention was also requested so that the (Federal) government sees the border issue as an extraordinary need. There we would need to immunize at least 50,000 people in Foz do Yguazú as soon as possible, so that we can protect our population. And this protection can guarantee a more fluid movement on our border, ”Chico Brasileiro concluded.