TODAY newspaper | First in the battle line against COVID-19: Mirian Arrúa, an example of vocation and service

She is the Head of Nursing of the Modular Block of the Intermediate Hospitalization and Therapy Area of ​​the National Hospital of Itauguá (HNI) and her working day begins at 5:00, one hour before her schedule and her six-hour daily shift can be extended for several more if the job requires it.

Her ability as a professional and as a person makes her stand out in her workplace. She is Mirian Arrúa, the first health professional in the country who received the dose of the Sputnik V vaccine to continue to face COVID-19 that has not stopped since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Mirian is in everything both, both in the administrative and welfare part. If there is no way or we have a difficult patient, she is there. If there is a lot of work or the patients crowd, she even works as a stretcher, brings the sheets, supplies. She is an incredible person, ”said Dr. Patricia Sobarzo, head of the Respiratory Modular Block to TODAY.

For Arrúa there is no Saturday, Sunday or holiday, if they need it, it is at the bottom of the canyon for the care of patients.

« She is a highly trained professional, she has the necessary skills to make correct decisions at expected times, she is highly educated and everything that can be said about her can even be doubled, » said the doctor.

The Arrúa thing is dedication by vocation, the professional valued and assured that this makes her a very dear companion. In addition, he is in charge of taking care of the entire team. « She takes us as her children, she is very loving and affectionate, she is a very warm person with everyone, » he added.

Arrúa, 35, has been serving in the HNI for 13 years and previously, before the epidemic, they were in Internal Medicine or Medical Clinic and since the beginning of the pandemic she has been in charge of the Nursing team for the care of patients with COVID -19.

Today, when she received the first dose, the professional urged people to believe in the vaccine, that fear because it is a tool to move forward against the virus.