TODAY newspaper | Again more than 1,000 positive cases and another 18 deaths from COVID-19

The Ministry of Health reported 1,062 new cases of COVID-19 in the country and another 18 deaths from the disease.

In its daily report, the Ministry of Health reported that 3,703 COVID-19 samples were processed in the last 24 hours, of which 1,062 yielded positive results. All cases are community based.

Likewise, there were 18 new deaths due to the disease, totaling 3,026 deaths from COVID-19.

To date there are about 848 hospitalized patients, of which 239 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

On the other hand, 923 recovered patients were reported, thus adding 125,028. With the updated data, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country reaches 149,684 since the start of the pandemic.

A young economist, through Twitter, commented on her intention to set up a database where doctors who receive COVID-19 vaccines as of Monday are registered.

« Sorry for the mistrust but I want to build a database where the doctors who receive the vaccines as of Monday are registered. To confirm the existence of the 2000 doses and their good destiny, ”wrote Twitter user @nconhache.

The young economist requested through said social network, the cooperation of a computer professional or other university so that the initiative can be specified.

« Being comptrollers is everyone’s job, » added the young woman.

This mistrust of the vaccination process occurs after the Ministry of Health has stated that « it is not appropriate » to make public the list of people who will receive the 2,000 doses of Sputnik V that arrived in the country a few hours ago.

The doses are initially intended for first-line health personnel against COVID-19.

Finally, it was confirmed that Roque Jacinto González Almirón alias “Roque Py Guasu” will soon surrender to the authorities to be brought to justice, although on an undetermined date. His defense asks that his procedural guarantees be respected.

On Tuesday afternoon, the lawyer Enrique Villagra held a meeting with the Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, in order to propose the voluntary surrender of his client, Roque Jacinto González Almirón.

The legal representative of « Roque Py Guasu » requested that the rights and procedural guarantees of his client be respected so that he can make his appearance in court.

After finishing the meeting, Giuzzio pointed out that they will make sure that his physical safety is respected when he decides to appear, undergoing a review by a doctor to determine his health. Later, he would be transferred to the Judicial Department of the National Police, until the court determines the place where he will carry out his preventive detention.

The suggested place of confinement is the Villarrica Regional Penitentiary considering the roots that González Almirón possesses by having his relatives close by. In this regard, the minister said that the defense attorney must present the arguments and make that formal request before the court of the case.

“I told the lawyer to be asap. If you want to appear today, so be it, with all the guarantees, « said Giuzzio, referring to the delivery of » Roque Py Guasu. « 

During the interview, he confirmed that Villagra spoke to him about the alleged extortion by police officers in the Central Brigade of San Lorenzo, a fact that is already being investigated internally.

Almost 900 young people will benefit from the Itaipú-BECAL Scholarships, the main purpose of which is to support low-income students so that they can continue with their university studies.

This Friday the official list of scholarship holders was released after the completion of the social and economic evaluation process of scholarship applicants and the appeals stage.

In total, 891 young people were awarded to receive the scholarships offered by Itaipú Binacional in conjunction with the National Program of Postgraduate Scholarships Abroad « Don Carlos Antonio López ».

The almost 900 new scholarship holders selected for this 2020 Call met all the requirements and with this they will be able to receive financial support to pursue the careers of their choice, either in private and / or public universities.

The organization confirmed that they will announce in the coming days the schedule for the new scholars to receive their certificates and sign the Annual Scholarship Commitment Agreement.

During the selection process, some 82 applicants were left out, of which 75 were excluded for exceeding the family income established in the Bases and Conditions Guide, 2 for inconsistent income and 2 for incomplete documentation. Likewise, 3 students were excluded for not accepting the mandatory requirement to carry out the socioeconomic survey.

The list with the list of new scholarship holders is available on the web pages and

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