Today in mourning !, Magda Rodríguez, reveal the cause of her departure

In mourning !, Magda Rodríguez, reveal the cause of her departure (Instagram)

In mourning !, Magda Rodríguez, reveal cause of her departure | Instagram

A huge and unpleasant surprise brought the entertainment world this November 1, as everyone is puzzled by the news that the production company Today Program and Warriors 2020, Magda Rodríguez has lost her life.

Little was known about what happened to the mother of the Today Program host and singer Andrea Escalona, ​​but it has already been announced that the beloved Magda Rodríguez lost her life due to natural causes, it was a heart attack that ended with the successful life of the producer of Televisa.

It was Televisa who confirmed the death of one of its star production companies, but without giving details of what happened to her, something that evidently shocked social networks. For her part, Ana María Alvarado, host of Sale el Sol, shared that Magda Rodriguez he had lost his life from a heart attack and that Andrea Escalona and his other children were carrying out the pertinent procedures.

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From the hospital because she was fighting Covid-19, but with full responsibility for her profession, Ana María Alvarado shared that the departure of the Televisa producer was due to natural causes and a heart attack was the one that ended her life.

It was a heart attack, right now they are going through the procedures and the death certificate, shared Ana María Alvarado in a live broadcast.

According to what was shared, Magda Rodríguez was found by a domestic service employee at her home located in Álvaro Obregón, who immediately requested emergency services; however, his efforts were in vain and for more attempts that were made, Andrea Escalona’s mother lost her life.

Televisa shared its condolences for the departure of Magda Rodriguez, producer of the Hoy y Guerreros 2020 Program.

With Profundo Pesar, the Lamentable F @ llecimiento of the Producer Magda Rodríguez Rest In Peace @magdaproducer, the company shared on its Twitter account along with a smiling photograph of the producer.

The 57-year-old successful producer worked for TVAzteca before arriving at Televisa, was part of successful programs like Falling in love; but he was also part of the Telemundo ranks with the production of Un Nuevo Día. Among his most recent works were Laura sin Censura, the Hoy program and Guerreros 2020.

Faced with the surprising news of the departure of Magda Rodriguez who did not share the cause of the loss, netizens began to speculate on what the cause had been. The first thing they thought was that it had been Covid-19 that had taken his life and they began to remember Albertano’s participation in the Hoy program on October 30.

Ariel Miramontes, better known as Albertano, was a guest host of the Hoy program on October 30, this was a special program on the occasion of the Halloween parties and everyone was happy with their costumes, things got out of control when a call to Magda Rodríguez indicating a “get him out of there.”

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The one who called the producer was Alejandro Gou, the producer of the play A darkuras gives me laughter, which is starring Ariel Miramontes and the Covid-19 test that they had carried out on the comedian came to his hands, it had tested positive.

Upon learning that Ariel Miramontes was positive, Gou called Magda Rodríguez without hesitation to inform her and that she be quarantined due to the risk of infecting the team of the Today program.

Albertano was removed from the forum and placed in quarantine, it was reported that fortunately he was well since he was asymptomatic and as a measure, Alejandro Gou suspended the play; For its part, the Hoy program would proceed with auditions for the cast and production.