Today, Andrea Legarreta boasts silhouette and more from the sea

Today, Andrea Legarreta boasts silhouette and more from the sea | Instagram

Social networks have been filled with praises for the beautiful host of the Hoy Program, Andrea Legarreta, who impressed his most fervent followers on Instagram with a photograph in a small two-piece swimsuit with which he showed off his silhouette and showed much more.

The wife of Erik rubin She had no compassion for the networks and exposed her beauty to the fullest with a very small black swimsuit that covered the most essential of her imposing anatomy and exposed much of her beautiful skin.

Andrea Legarreta showed off her amatomy in profile, checking that she looks really spectacular at 49 years of age and asks nothing of 20-year-old girls; In addition, she complemented her outfit with a beach hat and a huge smile.

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The conductor of the Today Program He took advantage of the bridge to vacation a little and show off his beauty from the beach, in the photograph it is evident how much fun he is having with the sea, sand, pool and others at his feet.

Andrea Legarreta Martínez shared this photo two days ago, last Saturday and exceeded 130 thousand reactions on the famous social network, not even Thalía herself, her husband’s ex, could resist reacting to the beauty of the also actress.

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Here watching #Mayo arrive … ☀️ # Happy Saturday, beauty !! God bless you all!! , Andy wrote next to the photograph.

The Instagram comment box was not long in being filled with compliments for Galilea Montijo’s partner in Hoy and her followers assured that she really looks “perfect”, “pretty” and others; while Érik Rubín was left speechless and the “lucky guy”, as they told him right there, placed loving faces before the beauty of his wife.

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After a few days of vacation, the beautiful Andrea Legarreta rejoined the Hoy Program where she is full of emotions since she is part of the jury in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy. Just last Monday, May 3, the host was filled with tears in the middle of the program.

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But Legarreta was not the only one moved by the program, but also Galilea and many more, all this originated by the sensitivity of Mariana Echeverría, who is saturated with having recently become a mother and having various projects underway.