Tobias Menzies would be in negotiations to play Sinestro

Tobias Menzies in negotiations to play Sinestro

We’ve known for a long time that Sinestro will be in the Green Lanterns series gearing up for the HBO Max streaming platform. It is even known that we will see Sinestro as a Green Lantern, not yet in his vein as a villain. Now comes news about the appearance of this iconic character in the DC television series.

The Illuminerdi media brings the information, to be treated still as a rumor although we know that in the past it has been correct and even more so in terms of DC, that Tobias Menzies could be in charge of playing the character. According to him, Menzies would be in negotiations to become Thaal Sinestro in the series, a character we saw in a live-action version in the 2011 film, in the skin of Mark Strong.


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Tobias Menzies has an extensive history in film, television and theater. He has played key characters in several series such as “Roma”, “The Crown” and “Game of Thrones.” We have also seen it in movies like “Casino Royale” or “Underworld: Blood Wars”.

The casting description of Sinestro’s character advanced that the Green Lanterns series will focus on Sinestro’s early years, who was a prominent member of the Corps. Sinestro eventually leaves the Green Lantern Corps after abusing their power and becoming one of the Corps ‘greatest enemies by using the Yellow Lanterns’ power ring and creating the Sinestro Corps. The character’s description also hints at his ultimate fall from the Green Lantern Corps.

The creators describe the series as a saga that spans decades and galaxies and will feature the Green Lanterns, the “galactic policemen” who patrol the known and unknown universe. The series will focus on Earth Lanterns Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott, but we will also have alien Lanterns like Kilowog, in addition to Sinestro. Each of the decades that will be covered (the 40s, the 80s and the present day) will have different protagonists, to tell us the story from the perspective of each one of them.

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In the cast of the series, only Finn Wittrock as the Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Jeremy Irvine as the Green Lantern Alan Scott are confirmed so far.

Via information | The Illuminerdi

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