Many of the current references in the NBA they grew up with Michael Jordan As an idol and to him they owe their dedication to basketball. It is the case of Tobias Harris, who in words collected by SportsYahoo spoke of his special connection with the star of the Chicago Bulls due to his father, Torrel Harris, founder and CEO of UniqueSports and a former NBA agent. The good of Tobias was always a privileged child who could enjoy his great passion from the foreground, but he cannot forget the day he met Jordan and the relationship that was established between them from that point on. The documentary The Last Dance It has sparked a lot of feelings in the Philadelphia 76ers.

“I was begging my father for a long time to take me to see the Bulls and get to know Michael. He always told us that he would try, that he would see, until the day came that could be and it was incredible. I will never forget that day, He signed my autograph and I was so excited on the return train that I lost the card he had signed me in. I didn’t care, I could tell all my friends that I had met the best in history, “says a man whose father is in charge of advising him financially and managing his sports career.

“I owe everything to my father. He discovered the wonders of this sport and has always guided me both on and off the court. He went crazy watching my games, he was always demanding and intense, but he knew how to find the balance so that I could constantly improve myself. “he declared. “Seeing Michael in the documentary made me very excited, I couldn’t help but shed tears seeing how he revealed his emotions.”

In addition, there was also a place to discuss his aspirations with Philadelfia 76ers. “I love playing here, I think we are prepared to do very well in the playoffs, hopefully we have the opportunity to play. We are competitive and we have great aspirations, so we just want the NBA to find the solution so that we can play and give everything “assured a Tobias Harris constantly growing in the league.