With the resumption of the NBA on the way and with Orlando as the most feasible venue for that to happen, the various teams in the league have begun training at its facilities. One of those franchises that has already opened its doors for training, as long as sanitary protocols are respected, are the Philadelphia 76ers, who hope to hit the bump in the postseason.

Tobias Harris, one of the figures for the team that plays in the East, spoke to Yahoo Sports and stated that “I love my team and I think we will be very well prepared for the playoffs. I hope we have the chance to play, but we will be ready ”

Harris stated that “everyone wants to be healthy, which is key” but stayed in line with LeBron James and Chris Paul when affirming that “if we find a way with the appropriate protocols, I will be fine with the return”. With a rested Joel Embiid and a Ben Simmons recovered from his injury, the Sixers can deliver the blow if the season resumes.