To win the Hoy Program ?, they point to Venga La Alegría de robo

To win the Hoy Program ?, they point to Venga La Alegría de robo | Instagram

Venga La Alegría made news again, although unfortunately not because of something positive, but because viewers have accused them of theft. The famous direct competition program of Today, Televisa is back in turmoil thanks to social networks.

The “uncover” of this situation came from the scandalous video of Mayeli alonso, the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera, who appears on YouTube as the property of Venga La Alegría, when it is a live show that the famous gave on her social networks.

Mayeli’s video has been taken up by various media and channels on the platform, which showed that it appears as the property of Come the joy, since YouTube reports that they must pay the television program for the replication of the content.

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Internet users made this statement to Mayeli Alonso, who did not understand what they were referring to and asked to be explained, in turn, Gossip No Like took the issue and made it known, ensuring that the morning program of TV Azteca is hurting youtubers by registering content as their own when anyone should be able to take it.

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According to the content rules of YouTube, when registering Venga La Alegría the content as theirs, those who replicate it must pay for it and this would apply even to Mayeli; something that Internet users consider really unfair and they asked the famous and Latin star of Rica to do something about this situation since they assure it is not the first time that it happens.

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It has been taking over social media videos for years and harms all youtubers because they report us as a stolen video of Venga la Alegría and it is not from Venga la Alegría, shared Javier Ceriani in Gossip No Like.

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So far we are waiting to see if the beautiful Mayeli Alonso will do something against Venga La Alegría to support the youtubers, who have asked her for help in this situation and asked her to request a payment from the program for her recording.

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