Sports masks could be the trend for winter baseball this year to continue COVID-19 with the threat of massive contagions for the start of the 2020-2021 season.

Taking into account the fanaticism of the Dominican in the ball season and the importance of this sport for young people and children, it was that Anadelle Lachapelle, a young mother, company administrator by profession, devised beautiful masks alluding to the Dominican teams that participate in baseball wintry.

“The Dominican love for the ball and the situation of this pandemic made me see a business opportunity, we thought that making a mask alluding to our team of preference would make it more fun to wear this new mandatory outfit that is the mask,” Anadelle explains to Listín. Daily.

She says that before the COVID quarantine began, she was a member of a uniform manufacturing workshop located in Santiago, and that as a result of this pandemic she had to refocus her production and began to make cloth masks.

It was in this context and as the mother of a small baseball fan who now belongs to the Liga de los Tigueritos del Licey, that Anadelle came up with the idea of ​​proposing to her partner to elaborate allusive masks for the local baseball teams.

“The first thing is that the masks are going to have to be used for a long time and it is very boring to go around with one that is surgical, I saw that many designers began to make masks in different materials and with different motives. In the workshop we started to do it for companies and when I saw an ad saying that baseball is going to be played this year, even if it is without an audience, it occurred to me that we should create sports masks, ”says this young entrepreneur.

He points out that the first sports masks that were manufactured were those of Licey and Aguilas, but that they have ready the designs of the Escogido and that depending on the demand and the proximity of the baseball season they manufactured for all the teams.

Anadelle has no doubts that sports masks will be the trend for this year’s baseball season, especially since it will be a mandatory attire and with great enthusiasm she says that she already imagines the players with their masks and all the fans.

Regarding how profitable this initiative is, Anadelle states that “profitability is subject to quantity, to greater manufacturing and sales, better profitability since it is an economic product, low cost and our idea, apart from the profits it may produce, was more motivated by love for our team and looking for a fun way to take care of ourselves and support the ball. ”

Quality and prices
“The good thing is that they are washable, reusable and the material is of very good quality, that is not what I say, the companies we have manufactured masks tell us about and that is why they have become popular,” says Anadelle, adding that in addition to The demand for a mask with different companies has increased, and some public figures with clothing lines are sending to make their own masks. The price per unit is around RD $ 250.00, however, Anadelle says that depending on the quantity of orders, prices can be adjusted.

Masks and baseball
New and necessary garment
The masks arrived to be with human beings for a good time, there are already various modalities and there are even references to the candidates for the upcoming elections. People are increasingly attached to its use and it will remain for when the fervor of Dominican baseball approaches, as well as the caps, T-Shirts and shirts alluding to the teams.

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