To support the women of Mexico, it is crucial that their businesses are also supported

For the countries of the world in general, and for Mexico in particular, it has been shown that the economic participation of women is a crucial element. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is possible to reduce inequality, build resilience to crises, and create more just societies. However, there are still great pending in this empowerment.

In data from Inmujeres, the economic participation rate of women over 15 years of age in Mexico was just 44.9 percent for 2019, compared to 77.1 percent for men. While this is a significant gap, there is a sector where great strides are being made. According to El Financiero, six out of 10 corner stores are served by this population. So these businesses are great catalysts for female empowerment.

To support women, you have to support their businesses

However, like many retail locations in Mexico during the pandemic, small businesses led by millions of women in the country were also affected by the crisis. This not only puts their economy at risk, but that of their families. And in data from Pro Mexico and the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC), the consequences of COVID-19 could be a determining factor for their businesses. And in this sense, it is crucial to support their survival.

The IMCC itself has multiple projects directly focused on strengthening businesses and enterprises run by women. The system has a global commitment to economically empower 5 million women by 2030. The Coca-Cola Foundation and the National Technological Institute of Mexico have trained more than 186,000 women in the last five years. During the COVID context, the Coca-Cola Foundation created an alliance with Promujer to provide economic aid to 4 thousand people and business support through digital media to more than twelve thousand women.

Of course, those efforts can make a big difference for many families and businesses. But for a crucial change to take place in the landscape of the entire country, it is also necessary for consumers to focus their spending on these local stores. Only in this way will the empowerment of these little stores be long-term.

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