To silence criticism, Harris visits the border and meets with migrants

15 minutes. The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, met this Friday with five migrant girls from Central America and visited a port of entry where asylum seekers arrive in El Paso (Texas), during her visit to the border with Mexico.

Harris’s first stop in El Paso was a Border Patrol immigration detention center, where he spoke with workers and later met privately with “five girls, ages 9 to 16, from Central America,” his office reported.

“(The girls) drew pictures for her and told the vice president what they wanted to be when they grow up,” the White House added.

One told her that she wanted to be a veterinarian, another a police officer; a third civil engineer and another, a doctor, with her own clinic to take care of people.

The girls asked the vice president “how she got so far” and told her she was “an example” for them, according to the White House.

Harris responded by advising them to read a lot, study hard and be interested in math, make good decisions, make supportive friends and never listen to those who tell you they can’t do something, his office added.

Incredible progress

During her visit to the Border Patrol center, the vice president also congratulated agents for the “incredible progress” that, she said, they have made in managing the arrival of migrants at the border in recent months.

Harris then headed for the Paso del Norte Port of Entry (PDN), a stop that was not planned on the itinerary initially announced by the White House.

There, the vice president visited “an area in which asylum seekers’ requests are reviewed as they arrive from Mexico,” in addition to “observing a secondary processing area for migrants and inspecting” an area where vehicles are registered. they cross the border in search of “illegal goods or activities,” his office said.

Thousands of people cross the port of entry visited by Harris every day, one of the busiest in the country and located on the Paso del Norte international bridge, which connects the Texas city with the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez.

Afterward, Harris participated in a round table discussion with activists, lawyers and religious leaders who help process asylum-seeking migrants, assuring them that the government is trying to “fix the broken asylum system” and reunite separated families.

First visit to the border

This is Harris’s first visit to the border as vice president, and it comes after intense pressure from the Republican opposition, who reproached her for traveling to Mexico and Guatemala but not to the border area, despite the fact that the mission she has assumed she is diplomatic, with neighboring countries.

In statements to the press upon arriving in El Paso, Harris said that his visit to Mexico and Guatemala was focused on “addressing the causes” that generate irregular migration, while his trip to the border aims to “observe the effects of what we have seen happening in Central America. “

“The reality is that we have to deal with the causes and we have to deal with the effects.”

Harris’s visit to the border comes five days before former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) also travels to the border accompanied by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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