TO REMEMBER – Johnson and the absence of a no hit

After five Toros pitchers combined to make history with a game, there was almost immediate confusion as to whether it was the ninth or the tenth in the annals of Dominican baseball.

This is so because Dave Johnson, a starter who played with the Eagles in 1988, threw seven innings without allowing hits on Sunday, January 3 of that year, in what was the second of a double commitment.

The first challenge had been won by the Bulls 4-3, then in the second a kind of agreement was made between the leaders to play the second to seven chapters and the supposed victory was celebrated by the Eagles.

However, the president of the league, Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, enforcing the rules of the tournament that the matches were held over nine innings, forced it to continue and complete the two remaining acts, before the official game was held at the stadium. Cibao, on Wednesday, January 13, 1988, the Johnson clash was concluded and in the eighth Basilio Cabrera produced a single against Julián Vásquez and officially broke the no-hitter clash and the match ended 2 – 1.

Did you know that: The Aguilas and Estrellas teams have never had games without a hit, while the Cibaeños on four occasions have been left without a hit, while the Pachyderms in a total of two games have not hit a hit. Neither Giants nor Bulls in their history have ever been left without hits in a match.