“To play here you need more than quality”

Toni Kroos, midfielder of Real Madrid, gave an interview to Sky Germany in which he spoke about the possibility that his former partner David Alaba I ended up in the white club. The Austrian already announced last week that he will change of scene at the end of the season after not renewing with him Bayern and the Madrid is running as one of the favorites to take over their services.

“I already read the name of David Alaba related to him Real Madrid, but I don’t have any information about it ”, the white ‘8’ acknowledged. “Here you need more than quality, to be able to handle many situations,” he explained about a hypothetical adaptation of Alaba to the club. Chamartin. “If you are fixed in the Bayern, you definitely have the quality to play on the MadridThat is clear and we will see what happens in the end, “he added. Kroos.

“The problem is that I have not played with him for almost seven years, so for me it is difficult to say how he thinks,” said the German, who also spoke about the moment the national team is going through and the possible return of Hummels, Boateng Y Müller, discarded by Löw months ago.

“I am quite self-conscious because, firstly, I am a player for the national team, secondly, I don’t have to make a decision and, thirdly, I have played with them for many years,” he said. Kroos, one of the captains of Germany. “If we stick to what the press says, we would have a different selection after each day of the Bundesliga, and everyone knows that it does not work ”, he valued.

I think in the end you have to plan a little in advance. Now I wonder if the coach’s plan has worked as he wanted. Now he has to decide what is best for the next tournament, “said the midfielder from Madrid