“To live in the Playboy mansion you had to sleep with Hugh Hefner”, former Playboy bunny makes strong statements about the tycoon

Hugh Hefner with Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison. The latter gave details of her life in the Playboy mansion.

Photo: Carlo Allegri. / Getty Images

The story of his life in the mansion Playboy you just shared Holly madison, one of the ex-girlfriends of the founder of the mythical magazine, stands out from the vision offered by other former tenants of the mythical house of Hugh hefner. His widow, Crystal, defined him on the last anniversary of his death as a kind and generous man who opened the doors of his home to the world, and Pamela anderson -one of his great muses- assured that his stage residing in the number 10236 of Charing Cross Rd It was the closest thing to a college education he had ever received.

Nevertheless, Holly does not keep the same memory of his passage through the mansion, in which he could only get a room, according to his version of events, before passing through the bed of Hefner. “I’m not trying to embarrass anyone or anything like that, but no girl was ever asked to move in there unless she had slept with him,” has stated in the podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’.

In his case, he remembers perfectly what crossed his mind after the first time he had sex with the then octogenarian businessman: “I thought, ‘Okay, I have. I have exceeded my own limits and I did not feel comfortable with it.

However, the old Playboy bunny He decided to make the most of the situation he was in, even if it was at the cost of silencing his own emotions. She eventually ended up spending seven years as one of the official couples of Hefner, but in 2008 she made the decision to leave because she was fed up with her boyfriend’s mood swings and knew that with him she could not fulfill her desire to be a mother due to her advanced age.

“When I realized that I was not going to be able to have children with him, that was something very important… and my depression was resurfacing. Everyone started to leave, and I began to realize that Hef and I were alone. He started losing roles more often. I don’t know if I was stressed… I know things were not going too well financially ”, has nuanced Holly.