The step-by-step return to the new normality is a fact and little by little everything is taking the air that it left with the appearance of the coronavirus crisis. Tennis is also shaping a season that seemed practically over. The announcement of the new calendar of the circuit, which will start in Whashington on August 14, was received with great enthusiasm for Rafa Nadal.

06/20/2020 at 20:29



But so much time without training requires a gradual incorporation. Nadal, traditionally very punished by injuries, does not want to take risks after almost three months without training. “I think longer stops are more difficult for older bodies than younger ones because it is harder to get back to 100%& rdquor ;. said the Mallorcan in a meeting with international journalists via Zoom.

But he also discussed the upside of being one of the veterans: “But at the same time, of course, we also have experience. I have experience with injuries I have had in the past, so I somehow know how to get back. We will never know what would have happened if this pandemic had not happened. In my country we could not leave home for two and a half months so I have only been able to train for a few weeks & rdquor ;, he recalled

Back step by step

Rafa insisted that “for the last two and a half months, I couldn’t even pick up my racket because I don’t have a tennis court at home since I live in an apartment. So as you can imagine I have to go back step by step. I’m just trying to avoid injury. This is the main thing today. To avoid injury, I have to start slowly and increase the amount of work each week. I don’t train every day. Only a few days a week and not for three hours. Sometimes I only train for an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, that’s all & rdquor ;, revealed.

Looking forward to the competition

The Balearic warned of the end of his strategy in training: “I’m just trying to prepare myself positively for what may happen in the coming months & rdquor ;, he pointed. He was eager to play again: “I want to return to the circuit and continue playing, hopefully for a few more years, and continue enjoying one of the things I enjoy the most, playing tennis. in a stadium filled with the energy of the audience & rdquor;