Tlalpan CdMx. Neighbors chase an assailant and he falls down a ravine

Alejandro Gonzalez

Mexico City / 02.17.2021 07:35:17

Inhabitants of the town of San Andrés Totoltepec, in the Tlalpan mayor’s office, tried to arrest two alleged assailants, of which one fell down a ravine approximately 30 meters tall, while being pursued.

According to the residents of the area, a young man who was riding on a motorcycle was intercepted by two men on Camino Real al Ajusco street, who tried to rob him when there was a power outage in the colony.

The inhabitants became aware of the assault and began to shout at them: « thieves, thieves! » several came out armed with sticks and lamps to stop them.

The two alleged assailants fled towards different directions, so one of them manages to escape, while the second offender was found when he was hiding on the side of a house.

When detected, he runs to the back of the home, without noticing that he had a ravine through which it falls from approximately 30 meters high.

The inhabitants of the colony and elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) searched for the man among the ravines; However, they could not find him, so they indicated that they should try again this morning, as he is possibly seriously injured.