Tivify is a new online television platform that you can now try on your Android or iPhone: the new apps allow access free-to-air channels, also their broadcast programs. And it offers recording services in addition to content recommendations.

Despite the competition in streaming applications, it seems that there is always room for a new proposal. And that’s what Tivify aspires to, a Spanish television platform which has begun its tests with Android and iOS applications, already available. These apps offer access to a good part of the DTT channels, also to other pay TVs. And it offers recording, video on demand, and multi-device playback capabilities.

A DTT a la carte on your mobile with recommendation services

The platform is newly created, the apps are also quite recent: Tivify for Android and iPhone has been in testing since June even though so far we have not heard of their services. These tests allow access to services now, for now with a free trial. We have tested the platform and the truth is that it points ways.

Tivify is quite similar in content and options to Movistar + Lite: the application we are talking about offers access to different free-to-air television channels, also offers some that are on payment platforms, such as Mezzo. These channels have live playback with an easy-to-use interface on the phone that offers features such as pause, going back to a specific point in the emission and option to choose audios and subtitles if available. In addition, the content can also be recorded in order to have it accessible in the account.

The list of channels is quite extensive today, although its number will surely grow as Tivify comes out of testing. It currently includes 1, 2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Tele 5, La Sexta, TV3, Neo, Nova, Fiction Factory, Divinity, Paramount Channel, BOM cine, Mega, Be Mad, Dkiss, Ten, Trece, TDP, GOL TV, Clan, Boing, Disney Channel, Mezzo, CNN and other regional channels, everything will depend on the user’s area (Tivify asks for the zip code to order the grill.)

Apart from live content, the platform specializes in recommendations. Select the best movies, new series and different personalized content that has already been broadcast on the available channels (or that can be recorded when it is broadcast). It offers access by categories and also to everything issued during the last seven days (U7D).

Tivify is already available, although at the moment only by invitation (you can order it here). The platform offers a trial week and then a subscription of 4.99 euros per month. Content can be viewed on two devices simultaneously.



Tivify, a new television platform with live channels, recordings and video on demand