Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio clarifies if Jack could have survived with Rose | .

They have already passed 23 years since the movie was released Titanic, having Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as its protagonists, until recently the actor decided to share whether his character could have survived next to Rose in the last part of the movie.

The love that we met in Titanic to the date when they pass the film on television despite already knowing it and knowing each of its scenes we see it again.

And maybe we always have the same question All those times, could it be that in the movie Jack could have survived if Rose had let him get on the board?

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You may also remember that some jokes have been made about that scene and memes, when Brad Pitt gave a speech when he won an Oscar dedicating part of the award to DiCaprio telling him that if he had let him climb the table referring to the Titanic movie.

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Although the director James Camaron on several occasions he has justified that Jack lost his life by affirming that he would sacrifice himself for Rose, many Internet users are not pleased with his response and have even given themselves the task of recreating the scene.

It was not until DiCaprio participated alongside Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie that was promoting her when her two co-stars brought to light that global controversy.

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Both agreed to ask him if indeed Jack was able to save himself or not because in addition to James Cameron Kate Winslet had already answered this question coinciding with the director, but Leonardo’s opinion was still missing.

« It is the biggest controversy in the history of modern cinema, » said Margot Robbie, agreeing with Brad Pitt, who directly asked DiCaprio if he « didn’t fit » on the board or what was going on. DiCaprio, laughing, answers « No comment. »

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Perhaps your answer clarified everything, because despite not having directly answered that phrase « No comment » It does not make us think that in effect his person could have been saved, so we can already be at peace on the one hand and on the other. frustrated Because the love that the protagonists would have had transcended the screen and inspired hundreds to fight and do everything for their partner.

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