Tips to save water at home and reduce your monthly bill

It is important to have good management in both personal and family finances, but there are also habits that must be modified so that you can save on daily expenses. You can start from the services you have in your home, for example water, which although it is something evident sometimes due to bad practices represents a high sum on the bill.

In this sense, the consumption of water is necessary to be able to carry out basic activities, however it can represent a problem in your pocket if it is not used properly, because in the home when there is more than one member, more use of this service. For that reason, here are some tips that will help you save on this natural resource, which will benefit the family economy.

When rinsing your hands it is better to keep the tap closed. Photo: Pixabay

Save water in your kitchen

Most of the water consumed in the home, derives from the kitchen area, because there is a constant use of this resource when cooking, that is why the following is recommended.

Do not leave the sink open when you are rinsing the dishes, at that time it is better to have it closed. Check that the faucets are not leaking when not in use. When you have to wash fruits and vegetables, it is best to do it in a container and not under the tap, this can also be applied to defrost food. The water that you have left when washing fruits and vegetables, consider reusing it by watering your plants. Also to wash pots and pans, the best way to avoid wasting water is to let them soak for a few minutes beforehand.

Save water in your bathroom

The bathroom is another area of ​​the home that consumes more water, because it is necessary to use it for personal hygiene. There are also bad habits when using it, so we recommend the following.

When brushing your teeth or shaving, it is best to keep the faucet closed. When you bathe, when rinsing your hair, consider turning off the shower faucet. Check that the toilet does not have any water leaks, you should also check that the chain closes when the tank is emptied. Also avoid flushing toilet paper down the toilet

Lastly, consider that it is important to generate this habit with the members of the household, it is not about applying it only individually, but rather that it is a collective practice in your family, if you have children it is best to encourage them to save money. water at a young age.

If they start to implement these tips in your home, they will see that they will not only contribute to caring for the environment, but that they will have a better balance in this expense, since the receipt of this service will be reduced.

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