With the social isolation imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, which led more people to stay at home, in addition to the growing adhesion of companies to the home office, the Abilumi (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and / or Importers of Lighting Products) gathered some tips from experts to save electricity with lighting, which are valid for quarantine and always.

Electricity savings in lighting can be achieved with simple postures:

Always prefer LED lamps with the Inmetro seal on the packaging, which means that they comply with technical and safety standards.
Acquire LED lamps that carry the Abilumi seal on the packaging, as the associated companies maintain a commitment to quality.
Check the quantity of Lumens (lm) of the lamp on the packaging. When comparing models with the same power (Watts), the ideal is to choose the one that offers more Lumens.
In cases where the objective is to illuminate the corner of the home office, bet on table lamps and lamps, to avoid turning on all the ambient lights.
Turn off the lights whenever you are not using the environment. There is also the option of using LED lamps together with presence sensors.
Opting for dimmable LED lamps, which allow you to control the intensity of the lighting, reduce the amount of electricity the lamp uses and bring comfort.
Use yellow and warm lamps in rest and leisure rooms. In places that require concentration and work it is more advisable to choose a cold light.
When replacing a lamp, observe both the value of lumens and the value of Watts and always choose the one that consumes less energy (less value of Watts), but that has an amount of lumens appropriate to the type of application desired.

Below are examples of equivalences between fluorescent lamp models, compared to LED lamps, and how much you can save with this technology.


Fluorescent Lamp Power

(in Watts = W)

Equivalent luminous flux

(in Lumens = Lm)

LED Lamp Power

(in Watts = W)


Compact 10W




Compact 15W




Compact 20W




Compact 25W



Tubular 20W


Tubular 9W


Tubular 50W


Tubular 18W


1) Approximate luminous flux and power values.

2) When opting for tubular ones, always buy lamps with electrical connection only on one side.


ABILUMI (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and / or Importers of Lighting Products), created in January 2005, aims to bring together and defend the interests of companies active in the segment of import and distribution of lighting products.

Its main efforts are directed towards supporting the development of universal standards and the improvement of products offered in the Brazilian market.

The entity supports the Energy Efficiency programs in the various governmental bodies and class entities and cooperates with the public authorities in the studies and solutions to problems that relate to the interests and commercial issues of the associates, such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Procel and Inmetro, among others.


Website: http://www.abilumi.org.br

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