Tips to reassure your dog of the fearsome fireworks

Christmas is approaching and with it the very controversial pyrotechnics, which with each passing day is more and more hated by people and especially by our beloved pets. Find out how to help them with this event here.

December 05, 2020 · 20:45 hs

In case you did not know, there are many techniques that can somehow help your dog or cat not feel fear or anxiety about the dreaded pyrotechnics, and right now we will teach you an infallible method that will help reassure them.

Tips so that your dog does not panic with pyrotechnics

Flower therapy:

There is a small container called « Flower Therapy », whose main task is to reduce our dog’s fear and relax it so that it does not panic or anxiety. When buying it, follow the instructions.

Get your dog used to:

While you are at home, place pyrotechnic sounds, either on your TV or on any sound equipment, first start with a low volume and gradually increase, until you notice that your dog is used to it.

Tips for your dog not to be scared with pyrotechnics

Tellington method:

With this method, you only have to place a kind of cloth on the body of the dog, so that it does not feel panic when hearing the pyrotechnics. For this you just have to start placing the strip of fabric on the chest, then you must cross in the back and finally create a knot next to his hip.

Finally, you can also calm them down a bit by laying them down next to you on your bed, and if they are very anxious, you can wrap them with a sheet and put a hat on their head to cover their ears a bit. Trust us! This works.