Receiving media coverage for a brand or company is something that will rarely happen by chance, to achieve this it is necessary to rely on the development of the so-called media pitch so that the company’s messages can reach audiences. With regard to this, this time we highlight some actions to implement if you want to build a good pitch.

As shared by Business2Community, these are some of the best actions to implement when seeking to develop a media pitch that achieves its objective:

Define your angle

The reason behind this first recommendation is to determine who you should send the media pitch to. A sports journalist and a tech journalist have different needs, you don’t want to send them the same pitch at the same angle. A well-defined angle will allow you to understand what audience you are trying to reach, also allowing you to delimit the best contacts you should look for to reach the viewers who want to see the offer of the brand or company.

Know the editorial timing

Regarding this second recommendation, the idea is to understand that there are key moments to send the media pitch, for example, if you want to share your Christmas specials, you should work at least 6 months in advance, according to the media. In the case of a blogger it could be less time, like between 1 and 2 months. The idea is that by knowing how your angle is linked to the editorial calendar, you can decide which media contacts you should take advantage of and which ones you should leave out.

Be selective

For this recommendation of the media pitch, it must be understood that the necessary time should be taken to review the contacts. Just because they’re on the agenda doesn’t mean they should get the next release. You have to research the contact to determine if they write about products or services similar to what the brand has to offer. It is also a good idea to determine the role of contacts in business.

Unless the medium is very small with a person running the show, it’s best to contact a writer or blogger rather than the editor-in-chief.

Ask for feedback

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask someone to review your listing. Having fresh vision can help to better define the right contacts for the chosen angle of the media pitch. In addition, you can receive suggestions for contacts to add to the list that may not have been previously considered.

Once you have all the previous points in shape, you can proceed to develop the pitch. For this point, the best actions that can be implemented are the following:

Create an eye-catching subject line.
Connect it to the audience.
Make it temporary.
Offer samples.
Use statistics.
And Add links.