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In makeup there are different trends, but without a doubt one of the general tastes in women is the matte effect. For some women to achieve this effect for a long time it can be somewhat complicated due to oily skin. However, there are some products that will make a difference.

One of the main tips to maintain the skin with the matte effect, is to take care of the skin and prepare it before starting makeup. Unlike other skin types, oily or combination skin tends to produce excess sebum and if they are not maintained products and proper hygiene can cause the odious blemishes on our skin.

So it is recommended that to maintain a matte effect on the face for a long time and a smooth texture on the skin, it is necessary to keep it hydrated and exfoliated before applying makeup. Once that step is completed, we tell you which are the pharmacy products that will create this matte effect in your makeup.

Tips to keep the matte effect on your makeup

Translucent powder is ideal for creating the matte effect of our makeup, in addition to that we have no problems with altering our final makeup work, because it does not add color and only helps us to seal all the finish that we have created on the skin.

For women with oily skin, experts recommend the use of powder makeup, Due to the rapid absorption on the face and does not cause shine on the skin as a liquid base that is made with oils in most cases. However, you can opt for powder makeup with this effect.

Despite the fact that women may have a face with oily or combination skin, the reality is that extra hydration is needed to control excess sebum production in the skinFor this, a mattifying gel helps us give that effect that we so desire and also provides hydration to the skin.

Tips to keep the matte effect on your makeup. Unsplash

The first is a product that helps the skin to have a better texture for the application of the foundation regardless of whether it is powder or liquid. In addition to controlling excess oil, it makes our makeup look flawless, with this product you only need a translucent powder to seal your makeup and that’s it.

Rice sticks are a perfect product for skin prone to oily or combination and they are perfect to carry in your bag. Its application consists of taking one, sticking it in the T zone and the piece of paper will do the rest, absorbing the shine from the face. This for girls who have a long work routine and do not have much time to touch up their makeup.

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