Tips to have a better mood and turn Blue Monday (or another day) around

The third Monday in January is called Blue Monday, as it is said to be the saddest day of the year. Avoid feeling bad with these tips.

The sadness This day is due to different factors: between the fact that some people have less spirit for the winter, others become aware of their debts and some more begin to feel difficult to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, it becomes a day not very encouraging.

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On the other hand, we can concentrate on the alternatives to overcome all these things, starting with our humor. To make you feel good get up and stretch as soon as the alarm goes off. It is proven that if we sleep extra time, our sleep cycle becomes flawed and we face bad days.

Follow the sun during the day. If possible, exercise to release endorphins and take 20-30 minutes of sun (with your proper sunscreen applied). In addition to helping to fix calcium in your body, the immune system is strengthened and we already know that being healthy will always make us feel better.

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Organize your day the previous night. When you set schedules and divide your time, you have a greater capacity to react if any eventuality arises, you also feel more mental order and that translates into concentration and relaxation.

Set goals, which unlike dreams, are measurable and have a deadline to be fulfilled. You may not be able to predict everything that will happen in the year today, but you can start by organizing your week, which brings us to the next point.

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Eat with color and in balance, listen to your body and respect your schedules. The stomach is considered the second brain of our body, if we eat properly and our digestion is regularized, we will be healthier and happier. It is recommended to have dinner before the sun goes down, to achieve digestion.

Three hours before going to bed, put your cell phone on airplane mode and forget about earrings. Disconnect and dedicate that time to you and those you love, talk, read, dust off your board games and learn one from the other.

At the end of the day thanks. Think about what you enjoyed the most and realize all the good things in your life that you have overlooked until now. Thus, neither Blue Monday nor any other day can make you feel bad anymore.