Today more than ever, in the face of an economic crisis, for thousands of businesses it has become crucial to be able to find new clients while maintaining those they already have. However, few firms really have a plan or know how to achieve this. It is for this reason that this time we highlight some key actions that will help to win customers.

To meet an objective such as finding new customers for the business, from 60 second marketers the following tips stand out that you can follow:

Develop a market analysis

As you know, to start a business on the right foot, it is important to find the ideal target. While most businesses already have a rough idea of ​​who their ideal buyers are, it is always a good option to reevaluate your analysis to find new customers.

This is considered advisable because over time the business line of companies may change, some may have more products or services, or the values ​​and motivation of the company may have changed to be better. All of these elements can impact who the target market really is right now so analyze.

Boost your website towards better positioning

Regarding this recommendation, the source indicates that finding new customers in heaps is not really something that happens by chance. A customer or two can make it to the website, but they alone won’t make as much difference in business success. Given this, it should make it easier for more people to find the company online. This means is that you need to raise the business on the results pages of search engines like Google.

What you should do is improve your SEO efforts to better position yourself with the site and its pages.

Make the most of your social media accounts

In relation to the previous point, since not all customers will come through search engines, it is important not to lose sight of social networks as they could also get there.

This is where re-analyzing the market proves useful. The idea to take advantage of this recommendation in the search for new customers is to identify which platforms people use the most. Once identified, relevant materials can be developed to attract their attention and introduce them to the process to transform them into clients.

Show testimonials

Finally, if you want new clients, you cannot forget the testimonials of those you already have. This tip is particularly effective when it is identified that consumers leave the store, the point of sale or the website without buying because that abandonment is a sign that there is a lack of trust, which the testimonials of your satisfied customers can repair. With testimonials it can be shown that the brand is one that can be trusted.