Although it may seem like a great advantage, the home office can also be exhausting, even more than working in the office. As we recently shared, 37.5 percent of professionals in Mexico indicate that their workday is more demanding in the form of working from home and this can lead to the so-called phenomenon of burnout for employees, one that can even affect business performance. Thinking of addressing this problem, this time we highlight some tips to deal with it.

If you are looking to avoid burnout while working from home, consider taking a look at the recommendations issued by Ignite Social Media to deal with this problem:

As a first recommendation, it is important to consider providing free time for collaborators. When doing home office, taking a break may not seem like such an attractive idea right now as there are not many places to go, however, it is important to get away from the computer a little more now than ever.

This recommendation can be managed as a kind of free day or also as some of the free time per day.

Similar to the previous point, this recommendation to deal with burnout is about considering some free time but in shorter periods to clear the mind or attend to any other issue that is required at home. Even just to do what the name suggests, take a break to pour yourself a cup of coffee. Not everyone should be forced to be connected all the time in video calls.

Consider swapping meetings for on-demand videos

Speaking of video calls and that last aspect of the previous point, consider taking the messages that are not so important to another format. That is, do not make a video call with the entire team if it is not necessary for the message to be received at the same time. Consider leveraging individual videos so people can watch them when they have the time.

Provide office supplies

Given that more time has passed than many believed they would be working from home, it is recommended that companies focus on ensuring that employees have all the comforts or facilities of the office at home.

Consider allowing staff to come to the office to take the supplies they need to carry out their work. They can be items such as monitors, chairs, paper, among others.

Make video calling an optional theme

Returning to the topic of video calls, another action to develop to stop the development of burnout is to make them optional. Consider that there are video calls or video conferences that can be a simple email and convey the exact same message.

According to the source, most people don’t use the option to keep the video turned off, but it’s nice to have certain considerations or that particular option when you just don’t have the motivation.

Consider keeping the home office together with office work

To address the problem from this point, consider that there are people who enjoy coming into the office and feel more productive there, while others may use a “break” from their children once or twice a week to be really prolific in the office. But there are also those who may be at risk from this new disease, so keeping them at home is safest.

If you develop this recommendation, keep in mind that you must comply with certain security guidelines, such as social distancing.