Now that healthy distancing (which is not the same as quarantine) has us all locked up at home, Surely you have had to get used to video calls for your work meetings or to take classes. Many do not use these tools on a daily basis, so it can be a little more difficult to master them and know what to do to make everything go well in a video call. That is why we present you some tips so that life is not complicated in the middle of an important virtual meeting, or in the middle of that exhibition in front of your entire class.

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Know your options

It is true that the most popular platform for making video calls It is Skype, but there are also other options such as Zoom, Hangouts and Google Duo. Don’t be afraid of them and download them to see for yourself how they work before your meeting or class. Because the best way to learn how to use them is to experiment with their functions and options. Ask a friend to download the same app and make a couple of video calls.

Set up your profile

If you are preparing for a work meeting you will not like that your username is something like @ Avenger_666, nor that in your profile picture there is a cute kitten. Or worse, that your name does not even appear to the other participants of the video call. That’s why you should make sure to write your full name and a profile photo that reflects your professional self.

Check your equipment before a video call

Before starting a video call, make sure that your equipment is in good condition. Check the camera and microphone of your cell phone, laptop or tablet, clean your lens before the call and do a couple of tests to see that it is heard loud and clear.

What equipment to use?

The best way to avoid picking up a lot of noise from the environment and making you hear yourself loud is use hands-free during your video call. In addition, you can prevent noise from others bouncing off your own screen.

The environment matters

For your video call to look its best you must be in front of a completely smooth and white background preferably. This helps others not be distracted by your background, and to make you look better in front of the camera. If this is not possible, it is also a good option to put a curtain as a background.

Also remember not being near a noise source during your video call, such as a window where many cars can be heard, and maintaining good lighting.


It is best to keep the camera still during your video call, especially if you are doing it from your cell phone, in addition to avoiding moving too much, something that could distract others. As for your body in front of the camera, try that your face does not occupy more than half of the screen.

And my internet?

If you are using a wireless internet connection, try to be close to the modem so that your transmission is not cut in the middle of a call. But if possible, the best option is always to use an ethernet cable.