Tips so that you can defend your rights as a consumer

Your role as a consumer should not be just to go out and spend, but to save or avoid losing your money. For you to buy, you need to make decisions that will be reflected in your finances. Through the Pocket Advisor, from Infonavit, Profeco asks that disinterest about consumption be put aside, it is necessary to avoid leaving a store feeling that perhaps the best purchase was not made, it is not enough to feel dissatisfaction.

The exit from the market of products such as food and services is a reflection of actions carried out by consumers who report defects in goods or failures in services and did not comply with what was promised. As a consumer you have power.

The best habits of consumers are that they know and exercise their rights. Photo: Pixabay.

Profeco gives some advice on how we can be better consumers:

As a consumer you need to know and exercise your rights

In Mexico a good consumer must develop habits, one of the main ones is that you know your rights, but it is also necessary that you exercise those rights, it is the most important thing. And there sometimes the consumer does not assume his role properly and even if he has a concern, a doubt or even a claim he decides not to do anything, many times because he considers that they will waste their time in the Attorney General’s Office. Perhaps due to misinformation they do not exercise their rights and only remain as spectators of the situations of which they are victims. Profeco supports consumers, so if you have a complaint or complaint, go to their offices.

Develop good habits

In addition to knowing your rights as a consumer, there are habits and good practices that you should develop so that you use them when you make any purchase.

A good habit that you should have as a consumer is to choose the good or service that you are acquiring, which is the one that suits your needs, and for that you must have the proper information about that good or service. And how do you get it? First through the seller himself.

It is also necessary that you research before buying, this does not only mean that you look for the lowest price, it implies that you ask other consumers for references and do your own research, if you are not sure of the manufacturer or the exact model you want, ask for recommendations from people who have already bought the item, go to Profeco and ask if there are any complaints against that company or brand.

The Consumer Magazine is a good tool to find the best advice and the latest information on products and services. Give suggestions about better quality products. Many products are analyzed in the Profeco laboratory, such as milk, cheeses and tuna. Also check that the advertising of the products is not misleading.

Another good consumer habit is to compare prices, to support this Profeco makes comparisons, such as its Who’s Who section, these studies are available for free download from the Profeco website on the Internet. The Who’s Who also lists stores that have the most benefits for consumers, such as interest-free months or free shipping. Knowing the conditions under which a product or service is purchased is one of the most important things we must do before buying, as it allows us to save.

Another good habit is to read the terms and conditions carefully, this is essential. On the Internet pages dedicated to electronic commerce, the terms and conditions can also be reviewed, there the forms of payment, the guarantee of the good, etc. are indicated.

In a physical store, what you must request are these terms and conditions because many times they do not appear at first glance, although they do appear in the guarantee of the good itself. You must demand the terms and conditions at the time of making the physical purchase in the establishments.

Check all documents, contracts and ‘fine print’

It is also very important that you review the contracts, take the time to read them in detail, it is easy to overlook the contracts, guarantees, exclusions and return policies. Don’t do it anymore, check them.

Many of the services provided in Mexico are through an adhesion contract, that’s what it’s called because the only thing you can do is adhere to it, is to sign it. In Profeco they analyze that the adhesion contracts have been registered, that the clauses are not abusive.

Check the guarantee of the products you buy

The guarantee is another relevant issue when it comes to purchasing or contracting services. The General Consumer Protection Law indicates that the guarantee that they offer you for a product cannot be less than 90 days, if there is a provider that offers guarantees for fewer days it is illegal. If you have a situation like this, go to Profeco because the guarantee cannot be less than 90 days.

In the case of real estate, the guarantees are different, if your house has structural damage, the guarantee is five years, in the case of waterproofing the real estate, the guarantee is three years, then you have that time to make valid that waterproofing guarantee on other defects that can be found, the guarantee is one year. The guarantees have limitations when the use you give to your property is not adequate

Develop the culture of return: if it does not work or was not what you expected, return it

In Mexico there is no culture of return, there is the idea that most things cannot be returned after having used them. You can buy a good, such as a blender, and, according to the Federal Consumer Protection Law, you have five days, counted from when the good was delivered, to return it without any penalty, because you did not like it, because it did not convince you or just for not wanting it.

It is important that as a consumer you ensure that this right of revocation is respected, and if this is not the case, the Attorney General’s Office helps you, not only through a complaint, it can also be through a complaint. These complaints go to the specific site where the sale was made, to find out why this right is not being granted to the consumer. Of course, take into account that this right of return does not apply to products that, since their purchase, indicate it, for example swimwear or underwear.

Yes, you must also file complaints and reports

Making a report or filing a complaint is not only a right, it is a responsibility, many problems of abuse and scams have been discovered because consumers took the time to report them. Product reviews and review websites also allow you to share your dissatisfaction.

The complaint is not about the supplier-consumer relationship, but about the consumption itself, the establishment that sells the product or offers the service. The complaints refer to transactions between consumer and provider.

You might think that raising a complaint or complaint takes time, long lines and that in the end nothing is resolved, you are wrong, Profeco allows you to do it any day of the year, through its social networks or at the consumer’s phone number .

Profeco suggests that you do not buy in informal commerce, there is no legality in terms of contracts and guarantees, which disarms Profeco in case you need to file a complaint.

If you are a better consumer, strict with quality, you will promote a better market for products and services where we all win.

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