This year’s edition for the Good End will be an atypical, not only due to the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic, but also because this element has caused the commercial event to last longer than normal and seeks at least to get closer to the revenue figure recorded last year. This time it will be 12 days where the different brands and businesses will launch all kinds of promos and offers to conquer buyers, and due to this, it will require twice the preparation to get the best of these days where the expectation of results is estimated below the 117.9 billion pesos obtained in the 2019 edition.

In this sense, it is important for consumers to be able to prepare if they plan to buy in this edition of the Good End that will take place from November 9 to 20, therefore, we highlight some recommendations to take into account to take better advantage of the event:

Before starting to buy, consider collecting the different offers of the products that you are interested in purchasing during these days. That way you will have clearly identified where you can really generate more profitable purchases for you or that imply greater savings. This recommendation is important to take into account as well as it will help organize the days to maximize savings as some stores may have offers limited to a period of time.

Do your research before the event starts

If you’re hoping to get a great deal on an expensive item during the Good End sale, consider doing your research before shopping or shopping online. A bad product is a bad deal, no matter how cheap it is, and knowing the items you want to buy will help you avoid falling victim to misleading advertising or dubious offers. As you know, we have also reported in previous years some discounts that really are not if you consider the prices prior to the start of the commercial event.

Speaking of prices, it is worth paying special attention to this aspect. Specifically, it is advisable to compare prices of the items in which there is interest. One way to do this can be by using price comparison sites or online marketplaces where it will be possible to get an idea of ​​the costs in general. Here you also have to compare the options included with the product. This is important as some retailers may lower their advertised prices on a simplified product and then charge an extra for the parts necessary to make the product work as expected.

Plan where you are going to buy

According to The Balance portal, knowing when stores are having their biggest sales and comparing the prices of the things you want to buy will allow you to devise a strategy on where to buy first.

You have to prioritize the stores where there will be offers that you will not want to miss, especially now if you plan to go physically because the measures of the new normal will be in force, in fact, it is for this reason that the Good End will last longer than normal.

If you’re going to a mall, consider looking at the site map to find out where to move quickly and work out routes to get there.

Familiarize yourself with the store policies

Finally, it is important to know what policies the stores you plan to go to will have in these weeks to come. For example, it is important to know the return policy, so you can better determine if it is worth buying in a certain place. On the other hand, there will also be the new normal policies to access stores in person, taking these into consideration will be an element that will help avoid bad experiences, for example, denying you access to the place.