Leveraging popular channels for communication, such as social media or messenger, can be of great help to businesses, especially when they have adequate features that can enable businesses to achieve better results or provide better care. In this sense, one of the newer channels that brands and businesses cannot ignore is WhatsApp Business because its popularity can be key to meeting customers, only the normal app has 2 billion monthly active users, according to Statista. Thinking about it, this time we highlight some actions that will allow all businesses to get more out of the platform if they are already using it or will just start.

According to Social Media Today, to start using WhatsApp Business, these are the four key recommendations that any business can follow in this regard:

1. Improve presence by creating a business profile

As you can understand with this recommendation, the starting point to make better use of WhatsApp Business is to create a profile within this platform by filling in all the relevant fields, that is, you must choose a suitable image for the profile, place the business name and assign a corresponding category to it.

Remember that this is a platform independent of WhatsApp, so you must download the application if you do not have it yet. So you can then follow this point.

2. Scale responses with automatic welcome, responses and absence notifications

On the WhatsApp Business platform it is possible to work with automatic responses when messages arrive, especially with responses known as “Away message” or absence messages. These serve to let people know when writing is appropriate or when they can expect a response from the business.

To access them you only have to go to the menu of the 3 points, then you must go to settings, followed by business settings and finally in the option « Away Message » or the equivalent in Spanish.

3. Show products and services with a catalog to drive sales

Also in case you do not know, in WhatsApp Business it is possible to create product catalogs that will help you show what you sell and thereby boost the numbers.

To create a catalog with your products or services you just have to go back to settings and find the « Catalog » option. Once there you will see the option to create a new catalog. It is in that space where you can upload the information of the products or services, such as the price or the description and the link so that people can see them.

4. Organize chats using tags so that they are easy to find.

Finally, if you are already having conversations with clients through this channel, it is a good idea to work hand in hand with the labels. On the platform it is possible to put labels to the different existing chats. These can be managed by colors and you can assign them a particular title, for example, you can create one for chats with new clients, one for new orders, one for pending payments, one for paid orders, etc.

The idea is to be able to better organize all conversations and to be able to identify them more easily when necessary.