Tips for you to adapt the home office within your home

Unless you’re a freelancer, « take your work home » was one of the worst productivity signs you could ever consider. The concept of home office it existed, but at a secondary level. The time of work at home it was usually an extension of what we spent in the office. However, the pandemic changed everything.

With the arrival of Covid-19 and the establishment of rules regarding the new normal, many companies implemented the home office modality. Working at home sounds good and has many benefits. You don’t go out to expose yourself to the virus from the outset, you can save on transportation and food costs. However, it has its complications.

Working from home, in the so-called home office, requires adjusting spaces and times. | Pxhere

Many of these you can solve yourself and others are beyond your control. The issue of noise, the fact that there is a construction or you live near a business where they always play loud music are problems that you have to deal with and get used to. However, there are elements that are under your control.

In Mexico, home office It has become so important that we even have a law that regulates remote work. But outside of that, so that the work at home experience is not so heavy, we recommend you review the following points:

Tips for you to adapt the home office within your home

1.- Transform areas of your house.

In order for you to carry out home office in a better way, you could transform some areas of your house, that is, you could get a type of ergonomic furniture that suits your needs, an example could be a chair that makes you feel comfortable in the performance of your work , since it is possibly a long time, the one that you spend sitting working.

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Another transformation that you could carry out in your home is to paint the home office area, and so you choose the color that you consider most appropriate and you feel more comfortable.

The cost to transform the areas of your house, for teleworking, could range between 1,500 and 15,000 pesos, these costs depend on many factors, such as the type of material and the size of the area, so they may vary. This expenditure will probably be an investment that you will make, since it could contribute to a better performance of your activities.

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2.- Ventilated areas.

At this point it is important that the windows are constantly being opened so that natural air flows into the area where you are working, in order to take care of your health and prevent respiratory diseases.

In the event that the climate is very hot in your locality, the ideal could be the installation of an air conditioning, so that you work in a pleasant environment.

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3.- Illuminated areas

In the event that you work at night, it is vitally important that you equip the area with spotlights that are special for office activities, such as the use of computer equipment and if your day is day, the ideal could be to use the light of the day, as long as it is adequate or, failing that, artificial lighting.

4.- Internet.

It is important that you verify what the speed level of your internet is, and how many people use it, in order that you do not have problems when uploading and downloading files. If the speed is very slow, it is preferable that you look for alternatives that offer you greater efficiency.

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5.- Divide areas of your house.

Sometimes there could be other relatives who are also working in the home office or one of your children could be taking online classes, so it is important that you distribute the areas where they will carry out their work activities, in order that there are no interruptions and distractions.

6.- Avoid noise

To avoid noise during the Home Office inside your house, you could buy headphones or install a sound absorbing panel that isolates external noises.

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The home office consists of the employee performing functions in a different address than the company he usually attends, such as his home.

In this modality, the owner or owner of the business must provide workers with all the necessary tools to correctly carry out their work from home, such as a computer.

Some habits that you could implement every day, when you are at the home office, could be: try to make your morning productive, respect the schedules as if you were in the office and design family rules.

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