Tips for B2B companies to take advantage of Instagram

As we highlighted in one of our charts of the day, Instagram is projected to be the key social network of 2021, as at least 61 percent of marketers indicate that they will increase their investment in the platform during this year that began. However, this does not mean that only B2C firms will bet heavily on the social network, also those of the B2B segment will be involved despite the fact that many do not consider it to be an adequate space. If your brand is one of those that have identified the value they can obtain there, it is undoubtedly important that you know how to get the most out of Instagram, therefore, this time we will see some clear recommendations.

According to various experts in the field, these are the marketing actions on Instagram that companies in the B2B segment can implement to get the most out of this platform:

Shows the history of the brand

As a first recommendation, this one that is shared by Business2Community can be of great help if you do not have much idea about what kind of content a B2B firm can publish on Instagram.

According to the source, talking about the brand is highly important for marketing here, you should never go directly for the promotion of the business in this or in other social networks since it could annoy people when they see direct promotions.

On the contrary, if visually appealing images that speak of the brand are published, people will be able to become more interested and take a look at what is on the profile. So the recommendation is clear, use the content feed to convey the story of the brand to the audience.

Highlight the strength of your team and culture

Another good way to connect with people using Instagram with a B2B company is to show the “behind the scenes” for this, the strategy then consists of highlighting the team that collaborates in the company, this in order to gain the goodwill of people.

In this case, it is not only about sharing images, it is also possible to make use of key sections of the platform, such as IGTV, the space where long format videos can be placed. There, for example, you could develop a presentation of the collaborators.

Another way to manage this recommendation can be using the stories to share the day-to-day of the team in the office.

However, such an effort can also be key to recruitment by promoting the employer brand, so it is worth highlighting the culture and environment in the company to attract new talent.

Generate specific and targeted hashtags

From Databox it is shared that if you want to reach the right people with the marketing efforts on Instagram generated by a B2B firm, it is advisable to investigate the hashtags or create them.

Ideally, you should be specific to find people because a tag like #Business can be very generic and is already associated with millions of publications, so the content could be easily lost.

Regarding the generation of its own hashtags, the firm highlights that doing so is a great way to allow followers and fans to participate in conversations on Instagram.

Participate with followers, users and other brands

As the last of the recommendations that we will see here, this is considered important because engagement is crucial when building a marketing strategy on Instagram, regardless of whether it is for a B2B, B2C or other firm. It is not possible to keep people participating if you do not talk to them, so you must have an active and transparent participation. It is important to get customers to interact with your content and business in general to build a loyal community.