Travel the minimum recommended and always with the appropriate sanitary measures

Practice relaxed driving, even more if you haven’t touched the car in a long time

The summer season arrives and road trips to second homes and the beach. This year, in addition, with the particularity of the virus, whose shadow will accompany us anywhere we go. If you don’t back down and decide to travel with the car to spend your vacation, these tips will help make your trip much safer.

It is one of the most anticipated moments of the year and this season with even more reasons, after a few months when we have not been able to leave home. So this year, to travel, it is worth more than ever remember safety tips of any displacement, to which add your own to avoid contagion.


It is the logical first step of any trip: checking the condition of the tires –drawing, pressures, etc.. – and that the spare wheel, if any, is in good condition. You also have to check the status of liquids like the brake, oil and coolant with the car always cold. Also visually check the status of the brakes and dampers. For the latter, a test can be done by supporting all the weight in front and releasing suddenly. If the car just goes up, without bouncing, it is almost certainly in good condition. The proper functioning of the headlights and all their lights should not be neglected either.

Very important is the air conditioning, because the heat strongly increases the feeling of fatigue. The best thing is that the interior temperature is around 24 degrees and that from time to time the air is ventilated to avoid dry eyes. Inside, the correct functioning of the seat belts must also be checked.

Don’t forget to bring the documentation in order and safety devices like reflective vest or triangle. They are simple tasks that everyone can do at home and in a short time. All this becomes more important if the vehicle has been stopped all this time as a result of the quarantine.


It is not a bad idea to do the disinfection and sterilization of the interior to avoid any evil. If your car is also shared by people such as coworkers, friends or other people, it is really important. Many workshops offer a complete cleaning service with disinfection with ozone, whose price does not exceed 20 euros.


There is no rush to get there, the place we are going to will stay in place whether we go fast or not, so it’s worth it lift your foot off the gas if we also take the whole family with us.

In the event that the car has not been taken in all this time, it is likely that automatisms and reaction speed have been lost, which is not empowered. No need to worry, you are not the only one and with the kilometers that confidence is restored, you just have to perform a defensive driving, that is, take much more into account the movements of others to anticipate any unforeseen event.

Makes more frequent stops than before to rest and hydrate, not overload yourself mentally and always be in optimal conditions. In this sense, it is important to wear comfortable clothes, but also suitable for driving.


If you have not already planned your holidays, or it does not matter to you to go to one place or another in order to disconnect and leave your city, the most recommended is to opt for the ” slow ” tourism. This tourism refers to the one made to places little crowded instead of crowded beaches. An example of this could be a rural town with pluvial activities, warehouses or walks through the forest or the mountain. It can also be disconnected and the dangers of contagion derived from crowded places are avoided.

It is also important plan the route in advance and, if possible, travel when the road is more free, that is, very early in the morning or even at night.

Image of Albarracín, in Teruel


Finally, the most recommended is restrict any movement as little as possible. However, if you decide to travel, remember that wherever you go you will find people, so do not forget to always carry with you the mask and use it in any public place. In the same way, make sure that your family also uses it, as well as making sure that everyone they wash their hands frequently. The health of yours and that of everyone depends on small details like these.

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