Tips for a good newsletter strategy for your brand

The use of newsletters can be considered convenient for business at this time, as shared by the firm V12 Data, the engagement of this type of emails grew a lot during the last months of the pandemic, registering larger figures in the categories of finance, news and shopping, 83 percent in the case of the latter. Therefore, developing or improving this type of campaign is undoubtedly a key point for businesses and companies, which is why in this post we will see what can be done about it.

If you want your newsletters to perform better this year, consider following the recommendations below:

Update your subscriber lists regularly

As a starting point prior to sending newsletters, it is advisable to take on the task of improving the lists, this will help to have better results. The idea here, in addition to staging and personalizing, is to debug contacts or subscribers that have been inactive.

If you start sending messages to contacts who rarely interact with the content, they could be annoyed by the amount of emails they will see from you and could contribute them as spam, which can represent problems.

So consider removing those who have been inactive for more than 6 months.

Sell ​​advertising space within your emails to drive revenue

Improving newsletter campaigns not only have to do with obtaining better results, it also implies obtaining more results, even from different aspects, therefore, as a second recommendation for this year is to sell spaces within the newsletter in order to have a source of income additional there.

According to Business2Community, the advantage there is that by being seen as native links, these advertising elements may receive more clicks.

With the above in mind, remember that every time someone clicks on the ads, income is obtained for the efforts, so you have a scenario where everyone wins.

As a bonus, don’t forget that native ads get up to 53 percent more views than other display ads.

Offer exclusive incentives

Another recommendation to achieve better results is to add exclusive incentives. Remember that people love discounts and offers. According to Omnisend, if exclusive deals are offered in newsletters, people will want to join in to access them.

This recommendation can also serve to convince those people who are hesitant to register that they are concerned about what could happen to their data if they share it, so not only commercial results are achieved, but business marketing objectives can also be met.

Don’t saturate images or graphics

On this recommendation, it is a fact that images are key in this class of materials because they can make them more attractive and entertaining, however, it is important to manage the visual elements with some moderation. Remember that the main goal of the newsletter is to inform customers.

Keep things simple and to the point, remember that less is more so instead of filling in the spaces with graphics and images, consider making the key texts accomplish this task.

Includes a table of contents

Finally, the Chronos agency recommends including a table of contents for newsletters. Even if it is content that can be read quickly, there are people who do not have the time to be scanning the mail that came to them to find that piece of information that interests them. Therefore, it is recommended to include tables of contents and use anchors to link each element to the corresponding section in order to make things convenient for buyers.