Tips and tools to make your boring wardrobe change easier and faster

Wardrobe change (Photo: Liudmila Chernetska via Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Every six months or so, the same story: it’s time to change the closet.

The beginning of May is usually the date chosen to remove coats, sweaters, fat socks, boots … and replace them with swimsuits, shorts and sandals.

Homework is lazy, that’s unquestionable. But if done well, it can make our day to day much easier, in addition to making the change easier when winter makes an appearance again.

To do this, you just have to follow these tips:

1. Take the opportunity to clean up. Get rid of what is no longer worth it, you are not going to wear it or it is old.

2. Prioritize clothes. Put what you wear the most by hand and leave the dresses or suits in the background.

3. Don’t save too much on the basics. Throughout the summer you can miss the cotton t-shirts that you use as interiors in the winter.

4. Distribute the spaces in your closet well. Think about those garments that can be folded, the ones that wrinkle the most, the ones that combine best …

5. Optimize and organize storage spaces. Think that the better you plan what you have to keep these hot months, the easier it will be to take it out again when autumn arrives. In this sense, boxes, baskets or shoe racks will be very useful.

Here we suggest some items that will help you in the arduous task of changing the closet.

(Photo: AMAZON)(Photo: AMAZON)

(Photo: AMAZON)

To store your duvet or blankets until next winter, this large cloth bag is extremely practical. You can buy it here for 13.99 euros.

(Photo: AMAZON)(Photo: AMAZON)

(Photo: AMAZON)

Lack of space is a problem for many. Vacuum storage bags allow you to store your winter clothes half bulging. You can buy them here for 14.99 euros (6 a …

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