Tini Stoessel is a 23-year-old, beautiful and talented, who started working in Disney like the star of the Argentine series, Violetta. From there, she did not stop until the peak of fame and currently, she is a renowned pop singer.

While the separation with the Colombian artist Sebastian Yatra affected her thoughts and feelings, it seems that Tini is trying to move on, not just with her new song « She says » next to Khea, but with a new aesthetic operation.

Tini Stoessel in the operating room? Get to know the aesthetic operations of Tini Stoessel. Tini Stoessel.

One of the last videos of the interpreter, which was posted through a string of stories on Instagram, shows her in a doctor’s office, with preventive care in the current health context and surrounded by machines and utensils.

The fans reacted surprised and expectant to see the results of Tini Stoessel. Without a doubt, it is clear that the actress also underwent different plastic surgeries, but we did not believe that in the midst of the pandemic and ‘quarantine’ she would opt for a new intervention.

Get to know the aesthetic operations of Tini Stoessel. Tini Stoessel.

According to the renowned Instagram account, Belleza Creada, in charge of revealing the « celebrity physical changes », Tini Stoessel has resorted to various cosmetic procedures. For the lips, Tini would have used hyaluronic acid to increase its thickness.

On the other hand, calcium hydroxyapatite would also have been made, then modeling the bone structure of his face. Also, it denotes true smile design to enhance their attributes. Tini’s followers added that there is a possibility that a Rhinoplasty.

Tini Stoessel.

Although there were never any official statements from Tini Stoessel about whether or not the information provided by the Instagram account, Belleza Creada, is true, several doctors and plastic surgery experts agree on some touch-ups made on the singer’s face.

Likewise, some fervent fans of the Argentine artist tried to defend her, ensuring that the video with the doctor Pablo Palmieri He is old and that surely, Tini only greeted him on his birthday, as the legend written in the Instagram story says. Even so, we see that the two have face masks and special suits, so everything would indicate that, once again, Yatra’s ex-girlfriend entered the operating room.