Tinder wants to start selling mobile accessories

We all know Tinder as the quintessential dating app, but we could soon link it to a new service. As has been made public, thanks to a patent registered by MatchGroup, owner of Tinder, it would be interested in produce mobile accessories.


MatchGroup is the name of the internet tech giant that owns companies like Tinder,, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and other very popular dating apps.

Tinder will do more than just find the perfect match

On January 20, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) accepted a trademark from MatchGroup. The trademark is for “Tinder Made” and the products that are planned to be launched with that label are listed below.

The list includes accessories such as covers and protective cases for mobile phones, holders for electronic devices in particular, mobile phones and tablets and lights for use with mobile phone cameras.

In addition to mobile accessories, the patent includes clothing, footwear and headgear for women, men, boys and girls, specifically, overalls, overalls, shirts, knitted sports shirts, T-shirts, camisole, tank tops.

The intention to expand Tinder services, may be consequence of brand recognition by the public. MatchGroup recently announced to its shareholders that Tinder’s annual revenue in 2020 was close to 1.4 billion.

The successful Tinder app has seen many notable quality-of-life improvements in recent years, including a face-to-face video chat feature in July 2020, just in time for the pandemic, which earned it appreciation from its users.

Currently it is common to see many couples united thanks to Tinder and most are not afraid to confess that they use this tool, therefore, it is likely that the accessories with the name of this modern cupid, have a good reception from the app users.