Tinder. Grandmother creates account for single grandson: he’s lazy

You are single? Don’t you like dating apps? In either case, maybe you should be careful that someone else opens a profile for you. Such is the case of an elderly woman who decided to open a Tinder account for her grandson to get him on a date.

This event went viral almost immediately on social networks. It all started after Scott Lefevre, a 28-year-old British man, had been without a partner for a while. His life was going normally until he suddenly received several messages from women interested in him.

The fans came from Tinder, account that never opened. Therefore, he began to inquire. Who opened a Tinder account for you? Turns out, it was her grandmother Trina who was responsible. Granny wanted to find him a girlfriend.

The 82-year-old woman wanted to help her grandson. Although he did not open a normal profile – like the ones usually found in the app. Granny was too sincere. He said his grandson was a « messy » man, a « useless cook ».

Hi, I’m Trina, Scott’s grandmother. He’s been single for almost two years and I think he needs my help, so I’ve opened a profile for him here to help him find a girlfriend. He is 28 years old, he has no children, he is an adorable grandson, very messy; He needs a girlfriend who knows how to cook, unless you like toast with beans. He is a hard worker and great at making tea, he loves movies and television. He’s a bit lazy and doesn’t like sports much, but he loves to go for walks. Her favorite dish is Chinese takeout and, well, that’s it. If you want to know more, swipe to the right, « wrote the woman in the description for her grandson to get a girlfriend.

In this regard, the young man told The Sun that he was surprised to find out. He thought it was a joke, but discovered that his grandmother was only looking to help him.

« I was a little angry when I found out what he had done, but soon I saw the tone of joke. I know that he does it with good intention. I already have 26 ‘matches’ since he created it, » Scott said.

« He is always telling me to get a girlfriend, that I have been single for two years. But I like to go out more than settle down, I have dated, but nothing serious. I get bored easily, I have not found the right girl yet » added.