‘TiMER’, the film from the creator of ‘WandaVision’ that was ahead of ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Soulmates’

When a filmmaker reaches the forefront of the art scene, in the commercial sphere or at the most prestigious festivals, interest in his previous filmography, if any, increases. Moviegoers wonder if he is hiding a gem that has motivated the trust placed in him for his new high-budget work or, on the other hand, if the flute has also sounded on a previous occasion. TO Jac schaefferFor example, Disney Plus has entrusted him with the long-awaited WandaVision, the first series or miniseries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the story of the film Black Widow (Cate Shortland, 2021).

We have seen the premise of a film as unknown as TiMER (2009) in Black Mirror, Dimension 404 and Soulmates

If you rummage through your resume, you will find that has directed a single feature film, TiMER (2009), which competed at the respected Cannes International Film Festival and whose premise, not well exploited, is now quite familiar to us. See it before the episodes “Hang the DJ” (4×04) of Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker, since 2011) and “Matchmaker” (1×01) of the ill-fated Dimension 404 (Will Campos, Desmond Dolly, Daniel Johnson and David Welch, 2017) or that the base of Soulmates (William Bridges and Brett Goldstein, since 2020) would feel a much more novel experience than later, of course.

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Failed sci-fi to fantasy

The concepts that handle these fictions, one of which is known by the public around the world, were already in the proposal of Jac Schaeffer, who also signs the script here. And, although it is intended to develop the basic idea as a kind of technological advance and, then, to TiMER as a science fiction film, the implausibility of it pushes it without possible remedy to the realm of fantasy. Why the explanation of the way the matter works is not convincing in their scientific bullshit. And that the generic jump doesn’t happen on purpose, on the other hand, can be considered a fundamental problem.

Although she wants to develop the basic idea as a technological advance and TiMER, as a science fiction movie, the implausibility of it pushes her towards fantasy

What is paradoxical about TiMER is that, for it to be a film about an exacerbated interest in finally finding love, the most important romance is rather bland. Which extends to the work itself. With this circumstance, one can understand that it did not achieve any notoriety even in Cannes. And that Black Mirror has taken the lead with a similar argument in the minds of viewers. Also, Emma Caulfield (Once Upon a Time) as Oona O’Leary we can’t complain, but John Patrick Amedori’s Mikey Evers (The protégé) is completely lacking in charisma.

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Pity of sheet music with time in the ears

None of his colleagues detract from the role because they are professionals, and even less would he deserve applause. Be it Michelle Borth (Shazam!) As Steph Depaul, Desmond Harrington (Dexter) as Dan, JoBeth Williams (Kramer vs. Kramer), Tom Irwin (21 grams), Hayden McFarland (Polar Express) as Marion, Paul and Jesse Depaul or Sandra Márquez (Boss) in the skin of Luz Morales. Nothing stands out especially from the entire audiovisual apparatus, that does not land further than is worthy, and the script doesn’t seem to excel either in eloquence, spark or narrative wit absolutely.

In the last section, TiMER tries to overcome its mediocrity, but it cannot; so let’s see if Jac Schaeffer claims more with WandaVision

In the last section he tries to overcome his stubborn mediocrity, but he can’t. And we do not know if the director gave very specific instructions to the musician Andrew Kaiser (Time Lapse), but the truth is that the soundtrack that he delivered for TiMER has an evident essence of temporal echoes, very timely due to the plot of the film. That is, it contains instrumental elements that sound without a doubt like the machinery of a clock, and so on. transmits to the ear the pertinent idea of ​​the passage of time. Too bad about the score here. Let’s see if Jac Schaeffer claims more with WandaVision.

timer jac schaeffer wandavision black mirror soulmatesTruckbeef

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